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I hurriedly arrived at the airport

and hopped into the car.

If I don’t move fast I might not be in time.


Ever since I came back to Japan,

there hasn’t been time to take things slow.

Though I’m saying that

it isn’t because of work.


the dancers, the staff

and the band members gathered

to hold a Year End Party within the GST.

Everyone gathering like this

once a year,

while thanking each other for the times we helped each other out

and reminiscing the year that has passed,

we celebrate the coming of the new year.


Everyone worked hard this year.

We overcame many trying times

and grew closer with our faces full of smiles.

We made a huge commotion having fun while we can.

In the end, by the time it ended, it was 7 in the morning.


The number of close friends is growing quickly.

Because there were 60 people gathered for this party this time

you’ll definitely get the feeling that it is crowded,

Everyone is drinking the stuff that they like,

and bringing up random things

that happened this year

and discussing about them together.

After training the next day

I went to fix the colour and length of my hair.

I prefer myself with short hair.


It feels good to have my hair coloured moss-green.

The colour can’t be expressed easily.

What happens to my hair tends to be a matter of chance.

Sometimes I’m into it, sometime’s I’m not.


ont he 13th and 14th last week

I managed to go watch

Camui Gakuen’s MatomenaSai at Chiba.


I watched them backstage but

somehow, today as well, like the Student Council President

the F9 members as well were filled with KiAi and displayed it well.

Hats off to the Studen Council President who remains seriously open from rehearsals all the way.

I got to see the 2nd day of rehearsals as well but

their physical energy is really unbelievable.

Make me jealous of these young people…



Although it’s just the Student Council President and the members of F9

when you see them walk together

it comes across really strong as well.

It’s really something.



The actual thing was really powerful.

They seem to have gotten better at the songs as well

so they can show off an ostensibly great musical talent.

What an awful guy.


After watching Camui Gakuen,

I had to attend yet another year end paryty.

Honestly my schedule is packed but

I rushed over to my friends.



The day was glowing from start to end,

and by the time we reached the end it was around 3am in the middle of the night.

In other words

year end parties make time fly by faster.

Its at a speed that will not make you believe that a whole day has passed.

This year is ending soon.

It’s around this time that I feel this strongest I guess.


I have to prepare to go to Osaka.

I have been invited to Osaka’s Camui Gakuen.

It seems like I’m going to watch Camui Gakuen all over Japan.

I’ll look forward to it…

My name is GACKT

My motto is Mr. December.

Besides me

there is no other artiste who is as suited for December as I am.

To make sure that your December doesn’t get lonely,

like a christmas tree,

I’ll be your light.

That’s why

you’ll never be lonely.



My thoughts can be read

on the GACKT Blomaga,

so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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