Dear my G-Lovers

My thoughts can be read

on the GACKT Blomaga,

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Interesting things

are happening everyday.

Whether or not you wish for it.

Yesterday, something strange happened.

Those who follow the GACKT Official LINE would probably know.

While fixing make-up,

one of the office staff burst into the room.

“Sir! Should we crush this?!”

I thought he was talking about something dangerous initially but

when I saw the contents, I unintentionally laughed out loud.

I was so shocked that I burst out laughing.

I calmly told the fretting staff

to anyway immediately contact the owner of this site

to warn him and tell him to check his facts.


Even by saying that, this is ridiculous.

You think too lowly of GACKT fans…


Even until here,

it keeps on building up those expectant feelings over and over.

Of course

this is something that neither my management side nor I will allow.


When I saw this video I got a horrible feeling.

“My car… what???”

“This guy

to think he’d really do something like that…”

My feelings have been magnificently betrayed.


Alright~~~~, it’s appeared~~~~!!!!!

As expected.

In the end it’s this kind of thing.

I’m really just that easy to mess with.

Why is it

that you’re giving away my car as a present

without my permission?

This is ridiculous.

I felt so angry that I could do nothing but laugh.

Am I supposed to forgive something like this?

Let’s imagine it.

What if the house that you’re living in

gets advertised

that it is the prize of a contest?



it says that you can win a trip overseas???

You’re joking right.




There’s no such thing right?

If that’s the case,

you should start with paying for my car right.

And lastly, this.

“If you think “this is not possible”, go to the next page and have a look!!”


… was what it says. You…

This is just fishing (phising) isn’t it!!

“Damn you~~~!!!!”

I contacted the lawyer soon after.

I’m going to teach him a lesson through legal action.

Seriously messing with me.

I turn into the main subject of these things easily.

I know that.

If they use my name, people will gather around.

They can even sell their articles.

And even so,

isn’t this just too severe?

Up till now,

I’ve even been freely accused of rape.

Damn you~!!

The world really seems like a really shit place.

After I talked about this


the site was closed.

And the reason was as stated here.


These guys even have a twitter account.


look at the low follower count.


What’s this clarification???

[because it appears that there is some misunderstanding]?????

Aren’t you the ones with the misunderstanding~~~!!!!!!!

This is too stupid.

Weren’t you going to give away GACKT’s car without my permission?

Isn’t that a crime?

By mentioning my name you’re conning right?


lastly, this.

There’s nothing to call it besides rotten,

this stupid answer.


It says that it’s because I got unhappy!!!!!


“Therefore putting the horse before the cart…”

“it was meant to be for the enjoyment of everyone…”

What’s that supposed to mean???

Liberally making use of my name

and happily giving away my personal items,

is that supposed to be for enjoyment???

Well, it looks like this world is really full of rotten people…

I’ll beat you up!

Well, managing team of this site.

I’ll show you what happens when you make me angry.

Let’s meet in court…

When I finished writing this Editor’s Notes,

I received something like this.


Facebook renewal campaign

If you’ve liked the Facebook page,

All-You-Can-Use GACKT at 0yen!? (something like all you

can eat buffet but GACKT)

Details on Homepage!!


[All-You-Can-Use GACKT at 0yen!? Campaign] )

Sorry…I don’t understand it at all…

What is this!?


Just give me a break already.

My name is GACKT.

My motto is “Mr. JUDGEMENT”.

I’ll bring judgement down on you!



(pic text: Pissed. (Gekioko pun pun maru))

You made me angry~ punpun.

My thoughts can be read

on the GACKT Blomaga,

so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

※This is an excerpt from GACKT’s Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team