The large-scale invitational offline tournament, RAGE PUBG MOBILE INVITATIONAL CHALLENGE for the mobile version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) was held during RAGE 2019 Spring at Makuhari Messe on 17 March 2019 (Sunday).

A total of 16 teams were invited and this time, Team GACKT, led by GACKT (@GACKT), takes part as a special guest team!

In this tournament, Squad battles are held in TPP mode using the same rules that are also used for PUBG PC version competitions. 4 battles are held on 4 different maps in a competition to be ranked as the top overall team. In this report, we talk about the development of the exciting tournament where amazing gameplay was executed one after another!

Opening to loud cheers! And GACKT comes on stage

MC Shinichiroo-san (@shinichi_rooo) and commentator MrYoppy-san (@1105Yoppy) were welcomed on stage, signalling the start of the opening ceremony. The players who were taking part were also brought on stage to share their thoughts and feelings towards this tournament.

This time, 16 teams, including professional gaming teams, were invited. There were also many fans with team goods showing up to support them.

Right before the first battle began, GACKT-san finally appears on stage! He commented, “I’m looking forward to playing together with all these famous players gathered here”.

GACKT-san, who demonstrated his seriousness as a gamer on PUBG MOBILE’s official broadcast and other programs, said, in his GACKT-like way, that he had been practicing with his team for this tournament.

In the backstage area, the players of each team and GACKT-san were put on standby. The sight of the competitors playing can be seen through a fence from the audience’s seats.

Booth packed full! Content for visitors to enjoy aside from watching

More and more appeared to watch at the booth, and in the blink of an eye, it was full. Here, aside from watching the tournament, there are other things that visitors can enjoy too, like a photospot or open events and others.

The photo below is a photospot where pictures can be taken in front of the panel. Surrounding it are in-game item and weapon replicas that can be used as props for a commemorative picture.

Also, in the open sub event, “PUBG MOBILE Don-Katsu* Challenge”, participants form squads to take part in an online battle at the venue. Participants who get Don-Katsu will win original RAGE goods.

Super plays emerge! Venue heats up from impressive battles

In this tournament, one battle is played in each type of map for the competition. They will start with Vikendi for the 1st battle, followed by Miramar for the 2nd battle, Sanhok for the 3rd, and Erangel for the 4th and last round.

Engaging super plays are executed one after another in the each game and the cheers in the hall heat up as well. MC Shinichiroo-san too was yelling at the front of the stage during the final stage of the competition.

Overwhelming with 2 Don’s in a row! Winners ‘All Rejection Gaming’

The ones who won on this day was All Rejection Gaming. In the 3rd and 4th match, they overwhelmed with 2 Don-Katsu’s in a row, ending up at the top with a 16-point lead over 2nd place.

Next, overall 2nd place winner was Vigore, while in 3rd place was SCARZ BLACK. The teams that won respective rounds ended up being the top 3 ranked teams.

■ Overall ranking

Expect more excitement from PUBG MOBILE!

After all the matches have concluded, the event proceeded into its ending. GACKT-san once again takes the stage.

In the 4th match, GACKT-san made one of the highlights and excited the audience with 3 kills in a row. When asked about his thoughts about the competition, he revealed that this was the first time that he met all of the team members in person, and made the audience laugh when he related an incident that happened backstage.

GACKT-san also said that he would like to be involved in bringing more excitement to PUBG, which he himself loves. Finally, he closed off with a “Congratulations” to the winning team.

Impressive battles unfolded in this tournament, making it an event that could have possibly generated more attention for PUBG MOBILE’s competitive gaming scene. Look forward to future developments!

*ドン勝 (don katsu) is known as “winner winner chicken dinner” in PUBG


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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