CINEMATODAY.JP: GACKT proposed the kiss scene with Iseya Yusuke himself!

Musician GACKT attended the opening day stage greeting for the movie Tonde Saitama which was held on the 22nd in Tokyo. It was revealed that there was a deep kiss scene in the movie between GACKT and Iseya Yusuke, and director Takeuchi Hideki said that it was proposed by GACKT, making him embarrassed.

Based on Maya Mineo’s popular comic, the movie is set in a fictional world where Saitama natives are persecuted by Tokyo-ites and tell of a love story transcending prefectural boundaries between the son of Tokyo’s governor and Saitama-native transfer student. The event on this day was also attended by Nikaido Fumi, Iseya Yusuke, Kyomoto Masaki, and director Takeuchi Hideki.

In this movie that is packed full of fantastical scenarios, Iseya reveals that his kiss scene with GACKT was “originally not in the script”. Director Takeuchi then went on to unveil the backstory of it, saying “That scene was because GACKT-san said he wanted to kiss Iseya-kun no matter what”, and to that, GACKT was embarrassed, saying “You promised not to say that”. Even so, he grinned as he added, “I mixed private considerations with work”. At his confession, the venue was filled with cheers as shrill as screams.

Iseya had a wry smile on his face when it was further revealed that he was rejecting the scene for a week when director Takeuchi mentioned it. And he appeared moved by GACKT patiently waiting without wiping his mouth after the kiss, saying with a smile, “I was allowed a warm
performance in GACKT-san’s bosom”.

Nikaido appeared surprised when she saw the footage of GACKT and Iseya’s kiss scene, saying, “I heard the rumours that something like that had happened on site, but I didn’t expect it to be something so realistically executed”, and she looked in awe of their seriousness, saying, “ I thought that (they had) amazing showmanship”. On the other hand, she also spoke of her true feelings, saying, “People with very strong personalities are gathered, so I didn’t know whether I’d be able to exhibit my own personally……”.

GACKT has carried out vigorous promotional activities for this movie. He said, “I decided that I would only appear on TV 5 times in a year but this time I’ve appeared enough times to last 5 years. I guess I can take a break”, and the audience raised their voices in reply. He expressed his expectation of their reaction, but GACKT joked, “I’m getting jeered like that. It makes me feel like going home early”, getting the audience even more riled up.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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