MANTAN-WEB.JP: GACKT directly asks director for kiss scene with Iseya Yusuke “I wanted to kiss him no matter what…”

At the opening day stage greeting for the movie Tonde Saitama (directed by Takeuchi Hideki) which was held in Tokyo on the 22nd, singer GACKT-san attended the event along with actor Iseya Yusuke-san and other co-stars. It was mentioned that there is a kiss scene between GACKT-san and Iseya-san in the movie, and director Takeuchi revealed to shrill screams from the audience that, “(The scene) wasn’t originally there, but (it was added) at GACKT-san’s proposal”.

With regards to the scene, GACKT-san revealed, “That’s mixing private considerations with work, but I wanted to kiss Iseya-san no matter what”, and even though Iseya-san said “We’re the same gender. And I like women so……” with an embarrassed smile, he went on to add, “(During the shoot, I) squeezed GACKT-san’s chest with the cane, and his chest was big. I remember kissing him while thinking ‘I can just barely see his nipple’”, drawing laughter from those around him.

Nikaido Fumi-san and Kyomoto Masaki-san also attended the stage greeting. With regards to their kiss scene, Nikaido-san said, “I heard the rumours on site that there was a kiss, but I didn’t expect it to be something so realistically executed, I thought that (they had) amazing showmanship”.

The movie Tonde Saitama is based on a manga by Maya Mineo, known for Patalliro!, which was originally announced in 1982 and then revived in 2015. Set in a world where Saitama citizens are being persecuted by Tokyo citizens, Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi-san); the son of the governor of Tokyo and the student council president of the most prestigious school in Tokyo, Hakuhoudou; and Asami Rei (GACKT-san); the transfer student from America who has returned to Japan are drawn to each other. However, Rei was born in Saitama and is a member of Saitama Liberation Front which seeks to abolish the waybills for travel between Saitama and Tokyo…


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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