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This is Admin GACKT. Some of you may have become aware of our listing plans. We are not going to list at one exchange. On 519, the Nineteenth of May, we are becoming the world’s first project to simultaneously get listed in five countries! Even more so, and this is usually all but unthinkable for cryptocurrencies, we are making arrangements to list on exchanges in twelve countries within this year. […] Also, this is something we have explained various times in the past: the listing is NOT SPINDLE's ultimate goal. From here on, in order to create the world we are pursuing, one by one we will be launching a number of unique services. As the name suggest, the platform “ZETA” which we are developing will be a constantly evolving ecosystem that shall surpass your imagination. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that you can raise SPINDLE to new heights, by our side. If you have been active in the ICO space before, or if you are a member of other ICO Telegram groups as well, you may have already realised this, but our SPINDLE core member Mister Uda is an extraordinarily honest and devoted man. In no other ICO Telegram group ever have I seen any team respond to their community’s questions and requests this fast. He is extremely busy and chased by a lot of work, yet he will always give his time to listen to your words and reply to your messages. […] The SPINDLE team is always checking your messages and spares no efforts to embrace and adopt your ideas. It is an exceptionally dedicated and ardent team. Also, we promise that we are going to make happen what we say. You can take my word for this as well. You will be able to say you are glad to be a SPINDLE fan. Please look forward to this. […] Also, we hope that you understand the SPINDLE project is not seeking one-shot profits – we truly believe that to all of you who are taking part, SPINDLE will become a form of support in realising the dreams that each and every one of you holds in their hearts. Carrying your thoughts and feelings, SPINDLE will keep on growing. We hope for your continued support. […] Thank you. GACKT For the full message by @gackt visit t.me/spindlezone #spindle #スピンドル @spindle_zone

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