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GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

I wrote this blog on the plane headed for Japan.
It was only for one day,
but for the first time in awhile, I was able to spend some time relaxing, and at the end, had a fiercely enjoyable time while in Cebu.
My friends took care of me, as I have been working without a break since last year end through to the start of this year.

On this day,
although it was unfortunate that it was raining, the wind felt good
and in the afternoon, I got to drink wine from noon for the first time in awhile
as I spent time with them, getting into colourful casual conversations.

Although Cebu is a small island,
the transportation infrastructure has yet to be developed,
and when getting from Cebu City to Mactan, I was unluckily stuck in a traffic jam that made the journey 2 hours long.

during the time I was stuck in traffic in the afternoon, I was able to get work done to some extent so
upon arriving, this GACKT was proud of myself because it felt like I was able to get away from work a little.

「The sea is greeeaaat, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!」

I yelled.

I slowly had my meal and thought of heading straight back but
in the end
they took me to a club.
To drink with the locals working there,
and the Korean, Chinese, Japanese exchange students who took turns…
While feeling sleepy, I was able to enjoyably? have a fiercely fun day
that ended at 6 a.m., just before my departure time.

This time, it’s Hong Kong.
I also went around to a few different places in the Philippines
to meet and talk to the institutional investors and general investors from different countries.
In Manila, General Santos, Davao,
and in Cebu as well, Japanese businessmen who lived there locally and wanted to hear about【SPINDLE】were gathered,
and I would like to believe that not only was I able to explain about the advantages of this cryptocurrency, it’s prospects, and the preparations for listing among other things,
I was also able to convey the sentiment of
【Why, I, GACKT, am dealing with this so seriously?】.

from many of the entrepreneurs in the venue, I could strongly feel
through the sincere attitudes of intending to listen and understand,
that their long years of success in whatever business or industry they’re in
is because of this humility and desire.

There weren’t many people who were unfamiliar with what cryptocurrency is but
I was moved by how they unhesitatingly kept asking questions if there was something they didn’t understand,
and how they fiercely took memos in their notes regardless of age.

At the end,
after my own words ended, warm feelings suddenly welled up in my chest.
I’m thankful for having this wonderful opportunity to learn so much.
I would like to actively appear more in such situations in future.

Right then,
all kinds of news has been creating waves in the streets again but
there are two recent news headlines that are my favourite.
This is the first one.

【GACKT Threatens! Gives Death Threats】

The rather strongly impactful title fitting of Lupin the Third made me unintentionally break into a smile.
This story is about the words that I jokingly wrote
at the end of my previous blog essay which said「Please be very careful when you’re walking home alone」,
and it looks like the citizens of the internet has picked up on that.
At the end, at the counter attack by Yamamoto Ichiro-san that said『(GACKT has) posted a threatening message against me…』
really hit me with a blast.
I expected no less!

I noticed that in the past, I would get much angrier over
Ichiro-san’s counterattacks than over food or Mahjong.
I never expected that we would actually meet again like this, it makes me wonder if it’s some kind of destiny.
It’s been awhile, Ichiro-san.
I’m glad that you’ve been well.
You always give me fun articles to read.

Well then,
I really really thought that there was no way that there could be someone that would really have this exchange in real life in the world,
and I thought that there was no need to daringly say the words out lout but,
recently, scam websites by people touting the name SPINDLE have actually appeared
and these were words of disappointment and amazement spelt out for these people.

I thought that there couldn’t be anyone in the world who would misunderstand that but,
if it wasn’t Ichiro-san, then someone else might naturally point a finger at themselves and write about it.

Ichiro-san ever gets attacked in the night,
I will protect you with all I can so please do not worry.
In the end, you’re a guy I can use.

the other favourite title of mine is this.

【Tragedy, GACKT Bought the Coins Only to Find They Cannot be Sold!】

This made me burst out in laughter for the first time in awhile.
That’s just way too impactful.

Basically, no matter what coin it is, transactions/transfers/tradings of it are prohibited before listing,
and only after listing will it naturally start trading.
It’s common knowledge to the point that it’s embarrassing to even have to spell it out.

I think that there isn’t anyone who can possibly take such an article seriously.
But, why would I be trading coins that have not even been listed?
What a mystery…

Recently, there are just so many click-bait articles
that the trend of writing about anything and everything is laughable.

Cryptocurrency has already become a huge global movement.
In recent years, youths and even housewives have never had their eye on finance and the economy to this extent before.
Even globally, it has become a phenomenon that no one can ignore.

And that’s why,
it’s important to obtain literacy about this.
If you’re unable to properly make use of the correct literacy that you’ve obtained for yourself, you won’t be able to increase your own assets,
and you won’t be able to protect yourself from all kinds of malice-filled people.

Right then,
at present,【SPINDLE】has spread to every corner of the world.
An impressive amount of information that includes both positive and negative ones are spreading all around the world like a pandemic.
Although I’ve also seen negative opinions,
from the bottom of my heart, I am thankful that there are more positive opinions and a lot of support.

Without getting deceived by hoaxes or rumours,
please excitedly look forward to the announcement by authorised dealers and our official site.
I believe that we will be able to live up to the fans of SPINDLE and the many people who support us.

Information like trading on exchanges around the world
will be announced on the official site.

And, finally,
I was moved by the warm thoughtfulness and wonderful smiles of all the Japanese staff from【RUMHA HIGHLANDS HOTEL】in Cebu.
I think I’ll want to visit again if I go to Cebu again.

Alright then,
we’re already landing, so I’ll get ready.
Until next time.


Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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