GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Once again, New Year greetings, and to the fans of SPINDLE

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

It’s the New Year, and once again.
An explosive happy new year.

This year, with much help from YOSHIKI,
I was able to maintain my status as a first-class celebrity again.

While YOSHIKI made the statement at the start that,

「(Even if we get it wrong and fall) That may be fine as it is…」

in my heart, a GACKT was exclaiming with all his might.

『Ooo〜〜〜〜yy!!! Do this seriouslyyyyy!!』

This year, I was able to get through it safely without going bald.

From start to end,
my heart was pounding but
as I watched YOSHIKI answering correctly with such ease,

『I’m embarrassed but, he’s kinda cool…』

I thought, and once again felt respect for my snack-loving big brother.

For this year as well, 2018 has started explosively.
To everyone who cheered for me
and everyone who sincerely hoped for me to not fall,
thank you.
GACKT still hasn’t lost it.
It is still a winning 2018.

Well then,
I, GACKT, has kept all kinds of my businesses hidden until now but、
the topic of the expression of my business participation in the ICO of 【cryptocurrency SPINDLE】,
which was announced last year end, created far more responses than I expected,
and that left me a little confused.

Personally, I’ve been involved in a variety of businesses for these past 14 years but
when I see some of those erroneous reports saying things like 「GACKT’s first business venture!」,

『This isn’t the first though…』

I’d think,
but such news kept popping up ever so often

Among that, there were sites saying things like
『Has he been caught up in fraud again?』
or 『Is he okay?』,
and whatever they want but
when you think of the overall ratio of successful businesses and investments,
the past losses are an insignificant amount of money, it’s not a cause for concern at all.

Thank you
for taking the trouble to worry about me.

Well then.
before I start talking about 【SPINDLE】,
the pronunciation of SPINDLE and Triendl were similar so,
I came to like it myself but
I completely mistook her for Darenogare-chan.
I apologise for that.

With this time’s release of information,
in terms of the overflowing amount of positive/negative information in the world,
there was a variety of reactions.

Looking at some of the biased posts and information on the internet,
I think there are likely those who will stop investments, saying
『This is bad! It’s a scam!』.

Alright, then no thanks.

In the end, investment stems from your own decisions.
It’s not something that needs to be forced.

There were also those who became anxious,
and posted directly to me.

『Are this time’s organisation’s members okay? You don’t know their past, do you?』』

Look here.
Even for me, before starting up a business,
I will definitely check and find out
who I’m working with and what kind of past they have.
Please do not worry.

In addition to that, I myself and my group too,
has judged that it’s alright to reveal GACKT’s name
because that business has strong positive backing for it, and it has great potential.

Do you think that I’d put my own name out myself
if there’s a mistake or if it’s going to be a scam?

Among the members involved, there are those who have been involved in administrative disposition as well.
An outsider can easily say 『You can just leave them out』 but
it’s precisely because we feel that their abilities are absolutely necessary
that we’ve made them one of our members.

that person has also turned to work in the background
because they’ve had been heavily penalised in the past, saying
『Showing my face will create trouble for everyone』.

They had a difference in opinion with those authorities but
they had accepted the penalties.

Whatever the reason is
that a person has once been penalised for,
is this a society that keeps on putting down
a person who’s contributing to society
as they face their penalties and atone for their mistakes?
We’d still like to believe that Japan is the kind of country
that gives those kind of chances.

In fact, during these few years, ICOs for virtual currencies
have often been looked at as if they were scams.
It’s difficult to identify what’s the real deal too,
and if you hold any skeptical feelings with regards to SPINDLE
there’s no need for you to invest at all.

I sincerely think that only those who wish to support this UK-Japan joint project
that is 【SPINDLE】,
and those who can feel the significance and potential of it should take part.

And now,
all over the world, there are many fans of SPINDLE who support it.
Japan is part of it too.
Starting from Europe, the many fans of SPINDLE are spreading through Asia.

Unfortunately, America and China has banned ICOs.
In addition, there are also a few other Asian countries that have put in regulations for ICOs.
Japan’s regulations have also now become stricter.

Of course, we, too
hope that Japan will lay down the laws properly as soon as possible,
that the market will grow,
and that we will be able to smoothly carry out the project in a legal manner.

At present, all kinds of legal interpretations are floating around in the online world,
and with differing interpretations, it is still not possible to accurately discern which information is correct,
it can be said that the situation is dangerous

And the biggest pity of all to me,
is the fact that investors will simply be kept away from opportunities
because of biased perspectives and remarks by influential people,
and the reality is that the number of people who will lose opportunities is never ending.

In the end,
the most important thing is to decide based on your own judgement,
and to do your own studies properly.

Alright then,
I think I’ll talk about SPINDLE just a little.

This 【SPINDLE】 and
the service that we’re going to provide
is aimed at individual investors.
This will be a huge chance for people
who are intending to learn about investing from here on,
or are intending to start investing.

If I really break it down,
to simply explain what this service is in an easy to grasp way,
it combines the cryptocurrency user with the cryptocurrency hedge fund,
like a 【cryptocurrency matchmaking service】.

I think this is the easiest, most understandable description of it.

The process of personally accessing the internationally growing cryptocurrency hedge fund,
pulling out that track record,
scrutinising that, and eventually, investing, takes up an exceptionally large amount of time,
and is extremely difficult as well.

Of course,
those who personally have that ability to do it
can directly do it on their own.

To put it even more simply,
those who are capable of picking up women whenever, wherever, and in any situation
will not need a matchmaking service at all to begin with,
and they can simply look for a partner on their own, and pick someone up.

The reason why there’s an overflowing number of matchmaking services in the world
is because there are many people who wish to take a shorter amount of time for the encounter, the chance, and the success to occur.

The same can be said when it comes to investments.
At present,
the investors who have already earned a lot of profits
are the group of people who have the ability to locate and access the investments.

The service that we’re providing,
the matching platform 【ZETA】,
aims to provide an investment environment
that brings together the world’s cryptocurrency hedge fund、

with even more people,
with the people who intend to invest from here on,
with the people who want their investments to go smoothly
and with the people who have only dealt in cryptocurrency speculatively thus far.

The only ones who can access this
are those who have SPINDLE.

Of course,
after this gets listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges around the world,
this service will accelerate,
and it will create a flow of entry
for the global cryptocurrency hedge funds.

At present,
SPINDLE is in the pre-listing state.
This is of course,
but before listing, you can’t give away SPINDLE tokens
or sell them to anyone.
One of the reasons is to
deter people from selling the SPINDLE
tokens that they have at high prices.

Because I’m explaining it in a very simple manner,
more misunderstandings may occur but
it’s a pretty serious project.

When I describe it like this in this way again,
things like 『This time, GACKT has started a matchmaking service!』
might be said about me though.

When that happens,
I would think that it’s the end of Japan and I would like to go back overseas.

With such a serious topic, it might make you not want to start the new year so
I’ve tried bowing a number of times but
my thoughts and actions are all very serious.

Many people have actually gotten involved
to make this project a success.
From here on, I’ll update with information about it bit by bit.

To the fans of SPINDLE,
please wait patiently with excitement in your hearts.

since it’s this kind of timing,
there will be fraudulent businesses that hop on SPINDLE,
and things like scam phone calls that will appear.

At present,
you can only purchase SPINDLE through an authorised distributor.
And the only form of purchase for it is a direct purchasing contract between SPINDLE itself and the purchaser.
It can’t be done through non-KYC/AML compliant proxy purchases or group purchases at all.
Please share information about problematic posts and sites with us.
The official SNS sites have been set up.

Official facebook、

These SNS are already open.

Well then, I’ve rewritten this time’s blog and
I’ve also been pissed off by all kinds of information that’s circulating but
in the end, it’s all become something like a huge promotion for it,
so I actually realised, while in the bullet train on the way back to Tokyo,
that I have to give a big thank you to everyone.
And so, with that said,
thank you.
I sincerely wish everyone a very wonderful 2018.

Happy New Year

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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