GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Congratulations Genji!

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

It’s a joyous day. Nm, joyous.

I wasn’t able to make it to the fight,
but to obtain a ticket to the King’s, or Muay Thai’s most prestigious Lumpinee,
there was a fight against Inzeetong on November 24 at Korakuen.

Of course,
he’s is a Muay Thai fighter,
and Inzeetong definitely isn’t a weak fighter too.

Inzeetong 【aged 24】,
was 9th in the Lumpinee Stadium Light Weight rankings
when their match-up was announced in September,
He rose to 4th in the latest rankings.
H is also a true Muay Thai powerhouse who,
in the past,
won the WBC Muay Thai World Super Feather Weight Championship.

Even just by looking at his fight history,
just by looking at his fights thus far,
he is, without a doubt, quite the athlete with both stamina and skill.

Since a month before this day’s fight,
I’ve trained with him a number of times but,
as expected, a lot of outsiders started murmuring whatever they wanted.

『Is Umeno really okay to be having fun with a musician
during such a crucial period?』

『What the hell is he doing at such a time!』

『That’s nothing more than a performance, isn’t it!』

I could here voices saying things like those.

In reality,
what I could teach him
were skills that he has yet to possess until now,
and information and knowledge that he would need to continue being active in his sport.

Both mine and Genji’s Instagrams
uploaded a number of videos from our trainings but
somehow, it seems like that was reflected as funny to these people,
and those voices were being conveyed to us indiscriminately right after that.

To top it all off, even things like

『Who does GACKT think he is!』
『Isn’t there some kind of misunderstanding here?』

were even being said.

well, if you as me “who do you think you are?”,

Uhーーーn… GACKT-sama??』

is all I can answer you though.

I teach my practices extremely seriously.
I don’t think that it’s enough to just work them hard.
Because I made the judgement that that isn’t necessary.

Of course,
depending on who it is, there are also times when I work them hard but
Genji doesn’t need anything like that.
I know that
he can push himself more than anyone else.

I think that creating the mood where one can laugh through
tough times is more important.

If you don’t laugh in my training,
it will honestly be so tough that you can’t keep up.
Thus far, many sports athletes have joined in too but
there are few athletes who continued.

Oh well,
since I will never get through to people who don’t get it no matter what I say,
as long as they can just accept Genji’s results, that’s enough.

I don’t think that I, myself, am strong.

since the past, I’ve done a variety of martial arts,
and because of this personality of mine that doggedly pursues things,
I simply understand a little more deeply about
【What one should do to move the body in an efficient manner】
than other people do.

in every training, difficult tasks come up,
but from the sight of Genji, who continues working on those tasks, which increase daily,
one by one, earnestly and seriously, from dawn,
I’ve have, on the other hand, learnt a lot from him myself.

Around me,
many of my friends went to watch his match
and after the match ended, many of my friends sent a mountain load of videos to me.
And another thing to appreciate,
was that many of my fans went to support him too.

Right after the match,
maybe in their intense joy, they profusely sent blurred videos
and that was quite troubling though.

Everyone sent messages of joy, like

『Genji-san won〜〜!!』

to me.

Of course,
I’m happy too but in the first place,
he has always only had his eye on Lumpinee.

There’s no reason for him to stumble here.

The next day,
together with DJ Yamada Hisashi,
we had a restful wrap-up party
and just by seeing his happy face,
I feel happy too.

We went for another round
for drinks at a place that Yama-chan produced but
he doesn’t drink a single drop of alcohol.

It’s because
his fight as yet to end.

However, when I said,

『It’s alright, eat well today.
It’s okay to eat what you like』

he delightedly ordered dessert
and ate up two in enjoyment.

It’s not good to let yourself loose too much but
it’s necessary to let up on the gas a little.

Since we’re adults, it’s alright as long as he manages himself firmly.
His rigorous training starts again tomorrow after all.

Alright then.
I’m really looking forward to next February.
the world will have it’s first foreigner holding two titles.

Of course,
if time allows it, I’ll train with him
and teach him what I can.

While eating dessert, Genji said this.

『I told the reporters!
You guys thought I was playing, didn’t you?
I’m working like hell here!
This is the result of it!!!』

I got it, I got it.
Quit eating the 3rd one
with that kind of momentum, Genji.


thank you for having worked so hard.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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