GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Becoming an adult=becoming used to compromising

GACKT Official blog update. Translation below:

Today, I started training from noon.
During these few days, I’ve been studying English from scratch again in the morning.
I thought that I’ve made quite a bit of progress but
there are still far too many areas that I’m not good enough at.

When it comes to studying, no matter how much you do it, you will never be satisfied.
No matter how much you study, there will be lots of words that you’ll forget,
and there are also many things that you can’t recall.る。

I thought I got a lot better but
I suppose I should first get to a level that I can feel satisfied about.

At the very least, I should get to that level within two years.

I went up to the lobby and found a heavy squall.
Squalls are nice.
It washes and refreshes a tired spirit.

While staring at the sudden shower from the sky like this,
I was finally able to spend time comfortably.
I don’t know if I was able to make space in my heart but
in the past, I was completely unable to do so.

I think that people who can calmly pass the time without any resistance
should be proud of having such a wonderful talent.
I think now,
what the modern society lacks is
is the space in their hearts to enjoy emotions.

Until awhile back,
it feels like there were many people who were naturally able to do this but
as convenience increases,
the modern man has become used to easily getting or
receiving anything they want,
that they are now missing the most human emotion of freedom.

Similarly, I could not do this at all.
After a time, I couldn’t do it.
I became completely unable to simply
stare at the natural scenery, that only exists in that moment
and will never be replicated again,
for an hour or two and just enjoy the feeling.

Even the longest I could do it for was around 5 to 10 minutes,
and even if I could make myself say 『How beautiful』,
it simply keeps sending the information that it’s beautiful to my brain,
and after a few minutes, it’ll simply use the words 【tired of it】
and I’ll end up moving to the next place.

Ever since I came to KL, I’m finally, gradually,
becoming able to do what I could in the past.
I was also shocked at how incapable I was at doing something I originally could,
and maybe I took it lightly because of how easily I could do it,
that unexpectedly,
it’s taking time
for me to get back that freedom in my heart.

In the evening, I finished up some work and then headed out to eat.
The sunset is beautiful.
Next time, I’ll look for a place where the sunset looks beautiful.

Tonight, I visited the newly relocated 【Marble8】.
The food here is quite delicious,
and the services is rather good,
at the same time, I’m always moved by the staff’s attention to detail.

Such a high standard of service
is all built on strict education.
Moreover, if the store does not have a well-organised system
I don’t think this is possible.
In this group,
the other affiliated establishments that they have
similarly have the same standards, and on the whole are of a high level.

Even when I spoke a little to Marini, the owner,
his gentlemanliness and unique aura
also suggests something like this.

There’s also quite an abundance of wine.
It is well understood that they’re particular down to the smallest details.

It might be good to empty a bottle of wine
if you come here with at least 3 people.
As it’s located on the 56th floor,
both the scenery and the atmosphere is great.

I don’t really have much interest in the night scenery that you see from buildings but
the place’s relaxed ambience is really wonderful.
More than half of the customers are Europeans too.

I noticed Chinese customers as well but
there’s also plenty of whiskey.
I suppose I should really be proud
that Japan’s famous whiskey is being displayed like that.

Even for Japan, there’re still lot of wonderful culture
and world leading products.

I’m suddenly changing the topic but
the new bed I bought, I wonder if I should say that in terms of comfort of sleeping,
or comfort of being in, or comfort for sitting in…
No matter which it is, this bed isn’t suitable.

It’s not that I hate beds that are elevated but
whatever it is, maybe I should say it’s the discomfort of the elevation,
but my bed seems to float in the centre of my room.
I can’t get myself to like it because of that feeling of bad balance.

Maybe I have to buy another bed…
I wanted to use it immediately too,
and I decided to not go looking for a bed I liked
and picked one that could be delivered the fastest but…

As expected,
even if it takes time to get
something that I like the most, it’s important to do that.

I can’t compromise.
In the end, it ultimately costs money too.
In the end, being unable to satisfy my heart
is the biggest problem.

I should go and buy
something that I like after all.
That’s good.

When I saw a spirited Bentley
that was parked outside the shop, I thought the same thing too.

Making it such a bright colour
will make it difficult to sell even if you wanted to.

When buying cars, there are many people
who think about the selling at the same time
and in other words, choose safe colours.
They choose colours that are easy to sell.
There are many people like that around me too.

This won’t do.
When you’re already thinking about selling and changing it when you’re driving it,
I feel that the feeling of pure enjoyment has already been halved.

As you grow older,
if you think about the unnecessary too much you’ll find yourself losing a lot of precious things,
and even though you should originally be living life your way more,
you’ll end up living with compromises.

【Becoming an adult=becoming used to compromising】

As this accumulates, you’ll end up becoming unable to see
exactly what is causing this discomfort in you.
If you already no longer feel what I’ve spoken about
then I suppose your senses are already dulled.

This isn’t about which is good or bad,
instead it’s about how you be yourself,
and for me, I want to live by pursuing what I feel strongly about after all.

I want to live with love for each respective one.

I guess I’ll go and buy a bed again tomorrow.
I’ll do that.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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