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Looking out from the hotel there’s nothing on the street. I heard they were in the midst of building a stadium nearby the hotel. There’s not a hint of construction going on, maybe it’s my illusion. This hotel is very spacious. There’s many people who do not go out and spent the day leisurely in the hotel. It’s full of people by the pool side. The atmosphere here in Albania is really good. Although the capital doesn’t have any sightseeing places, but the sea and the mountains are very beautiful, everywhere is nature scenery, and the people on the streets are all calm and steady. I really can’t get enough of this kind of slow life. Although this is a matter of course, looking from the economic point of this city, it would be better if there are more tourists. Tourism is also a great resource to support the country’s economy. It’s also natural to use tourism to nourish the land and the country. It’s important to work on the tourism, on the other hand, based on my personal preference, I’d like to live on a land with no tourists, to spend my time relaxingly. This is purely my personal preference. Visiting here let me understood the “way of living of the people living in this city”. Living here, everyone has their own rhythm. It will not be the kind of hurried life. Evidence is that there are parks in city, the young couples on the bench, and the elderly couples sitting there leisurely watching the sky while talking. In places where it is not for tourism, to see these kind of scenes in modern times is really precious. Cafes can be found everywhere too. The guests who went into the cafe, were also seated there chatting slowly and drinking tea for about 2 hours. There’re also many who spent their time relaxing alone. I too sat in a cafe for a cup of coffee. For about an hour, I kept watching the people on the streets. It looked like the old couple were back from their shopping.Holding hands and walking slowly down the street… This is the life I want. Once again I felt great coming to this place. Lastly, I found something I liked in the city this time. Last night when I got back to the hotel, I thought that it was too cute so I took some photos. The signal lights here were really cute. Even when you see it in the day time, you’ll find it unresistably cute. I slowly enjoyed my tea before I head out to the airport. Goodbye Albania… I will come again. In a future not too far.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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