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The pilot film of New World, the new film by film director Kazuaki Kiriya, has been released!

– The Story –
In the near future, Japan’s national system has collapsed, triggered by a massive earthquake that hit the country.
The streets have been turned into slums and are filled with criminals, and an eight-year-long gang war rages across the country.
Among them, Takeda Shingen, the biggest gangster of all, has Asai, Tokugawa, Imagawa, and Saito under his control.
Takeda Shingen, the most powerful man in the country, now controls not only the police but also the political world and controls the country from the shadows.
Nobunaga, the young leader of the Oda clan, is fighting for supremacy in his quest for the ideal new world.
Nobunaga, the young leader of the Oda clan, seeks a new world of ideals, and in his struggle for supremacy, he defeats the attacking Imagawa, followed by a surprise attack on Saito.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, feeling conflicted about living as Takeda’s “slave”, decides to accept an invitation from his childhood friend Nobunaga to join him.

The film will be starring Takayuki Yamada and GACKT.
The theme song will be provided by Lux Omnia Vincit and the vocalist will be actress Hana Kuroki.

The New World” is a film set in Tokyo in the near future, which Kazuaki Kiriya has been planning for many years.
Using the most advanced CG technology, he has tried to create a new expression that no one has ever seen before.

The following is a quote from Kiriya Pictures’ press release.

For the production of the pilot film, which will be the first step in the creation of the work, a crowdfunding project was carried out on “Makuake”.
We have received a total of 14 million yen in support from 903 people.
The film was produced by N-Design, a CG production company in which Kazuaki Kiriya has been a partner for many years.
This pilot version is the first step in the production of the feature film “New World”, which will be released in 2022.
In order to make this feature film a reality, we are seeking a wide range of corporate partners.
The pilot will be the first step towards the production of the feature film “The New World”, which will be released in 2022.
At the same time, we are also looking for partners such as film companies, distributors, theatres, and producers.

In the year 2020, the premise of society as a whole and of each of our daily lives will be shattered.
Even now, in 2021, the uncertainty of the future casts a deep shadow over the world.
Even now, as we enter the year 2021, the uncertain future still casts a deep shadow over the world, and many creators in the creative world find themselves in a difficult situation.
It is precisely in these difficult times that we need to discuss.
We believe that the process of creation, the method of presentation, and the business of monetization should be considered as art.
We have launched this project in order to pursue true “creativity” in spite of the various constraints.
We hope that as many people as possible will sympathize and cooperate with us.

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