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GACKT, who is has a sommelier-level of knowledge of wine and a strong reputation of appreciating wine thus far with programs like Kakuzuke and others, was astonished when he drank Kirin Beer’s「Nodogoshi Nama」. He was moved by the deliciousness, uttering “I underestimated it…”.

The「Tasting Report & Movie」, which was shot at his home in Malaysia, has been unveiled today.

Below is the announcement by Kirin Beer.


For the first time since its launch in 2005, Kirin Brewery Company’s (President & CEO, Fuse Takayuki) number one selling product in the new category of “Other brewed beverages (Carbonated)①” for 13 years straight, the “Kirin Nodogoshi Nama (below, Nodogoshi Nama)” has undergone a renewal. On this occasion, the「Tasting Report & Movie」which features GACKT-san, the person who possesses the best sense of taste in the entertainment industry, will be released on 27 June 2018 (Wed).

Refining the “refreshing deliciousness”, the best ever Nodogashi Nama in the history of Nodogoshi Nama is brought to life. In order to have him experience this assured delciousness, we visited GACKT-san’s home in Malaysia, where he reisides, and relied on him for the taste-testing of “New! Nodogoshi Nama” as the Nodogoshi Nama Official Testor on behalf of the Japanese citizens.

■ Tasting report @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Will you share your thoughts on becoming the [Nodogoshi Nama Official Taster] on behalf of the Japanese citizens?

GACKT: It’s massive, though I don’t know if I can live up to something so important.

Q. Have you heard of Nodogoshi Nama?

GACKT: I haven’t. I guess today’s my first time drinking it.

Q. What do you think about the new packaging?

GACKT: It’s like “ah, how much you’re competing”. Stamping 『新! (New!)』like this gives the impression that you’re very confident.

Q. May we have you taste it?

GACKT: Ah, you’re right. This is amazing. It’s amazing. Amazing! Ah, like, “I underestimated it. This is amazing!”. How do I say this… Like “bam!” then “fwa~”. This sensation is a first, I think. I’m kinda moved.

Q. How would you describe the taste of『New! Nodogoshi Nama』in one phrase?

GACKT: You can’t just describe it as “deliciously refreshing”. Like ‘gulp’, it hits you, ‘whoosh’. No, ‘gulp’, it slams into you, then ‘whoosh’.

Q. Will you give the pre-renewal version a taste as well?

GACKT: Ah, I see. This is refreshing in its’ own way. But, when you’ve given this (New!) a drink… It makes me think, “ah, it’s on a completely different level”.

Q. What is your recommended method of consumption?

GACKT: Whipping out an ice-cold『Nodogoshi Nama』, cracking it open, gulping it down, feeling it hiss and disappear, then the sigh of enjoyment, something like that. Don’t you think that this is the best?

Q. When do you think are good times to drink it?

GACKT: Like after I end recording and go “that was tiring~ well then, I guess I’ll have a drink”, and that first drink after that. With good music, pleasant company, like a ‘thank you for your hard work’.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your home?

GACKT: Lots of chairs. It’s my hobby. No matter where I go, I can relax. I can change where I sit, I can change the ambience, so as to enjoy the tension or the atmosphere in a moment. This house has a total of, probably, more than 30 chairs. As to places where you can drink alcohol, there’s the counter, the poolside, and if the weather is good and such you can sit down on the bench at the wood deck and all. I can change around based on your mood.

Q. The Nodogoshi Nama has been newly evolved, but does GACKT-san have any new evolutions?

GACKT: Recently, I’ve been making the word “elegance” my life’s theme. Until now, I’ve only been bustling around, working hectically but since I’ve moved here, I can refresh and do that.

Q. If you were to compare your encounter of『New! Nodogoshi Nama』with an encounter with a person?

GACKT: Similar to going to Spain, walking on the beach, having an exceptionally beautiful woman appear before my eyes and suddenly going past my eyes, making me unintentionally go, “ah”. It makes you speak unintentionally. It’s awesome.

■Tasting Movie

The video shows the whole taste-testing of the『New! Nodogoshi Nama』by New Official Testor, GACKT-san, who can discern the difference. GACKT-san’s utterly amazing home which becomes the set for this video is another highlight.


■ Still cuts

Pictures of situations when you can best, and most deliciously enjoy “New! Nodogoshi Nama” were taken in GACKT-san’s home. This relaxed expression that can only be seen in GACKT-san’s home is a must-see.

■ Shooting

Crossing over the seaas from Japan, we headed to GACKT-san’s home in Malaysia. All the staff were shocked by the magnificent external facade, and then shocked again as the went through the entrance. The first infiltration into the inside of GACKT-san’s home was by the camera. GACKT-san said “nice to meet you” to all the staff, shaking their hands firmly, and after which, the interview and the shoot started.

In the preliminary meeting, sharp questions about the beer industry and products were asked, and GACKT-san gave us a glimpse of his deep interest in all kinds of topics.

The subject in question was an interview that was conducted while the taste test of New! Nodogoshi Nama was being experienced. The staff, who did not expect GACKT-san’s artistic ability, as their throats grew thirsty when he drank, making it look delicious. Following the taste test, he properly affirmed the taste, saying “amazing” multiple times in a row. Then, GACKT-san muttered, “I underestimated it. This is amazing!”. The interview continued as he gave thoughtful, persuasive statements. Between set changes, a mindful staff offered him, saying “try giving this a drink” and GACKT-san was sincerely surprised by the flavour of『New! Nodogoshi Nama』.

During the stills shoot, pictures of situations when you can best enjoy “New! Nodogoshi Nama” were also shot in his home along with interview shots. His relaxed expressions that only show in the places where he always takes a breather at left a strong impression. The pictures, like the one of GACKT-san putting the New! Nodogoshi Nama which were gifted to him in the fridge, are filled with a sense of intimacy and have to be seen.

After the shoot ended, GACKT-san stretched and said「Nice, isn’t it, things like these」. From start to end, he looked relaxed, enjoying the coverage.

■ 「Kirin Nodogoshi Nama」renewal highlights

●Pursuit of the “refreshing deliciousness” that customers want

・Based on the knowledge that we’ve gained from over 1000 fermentations since launch, we’ve gathered the top responses and then raised level of our invigorating taste, creating Nodogoshi Nama’s most refreshing version ever

●Use of packing design that conveys “refreshing deliciousness”

・With the words「ゴクゴク爽快 (gulping, refreshing)」as garnish, the legendary creature is made larger over the design of「Kirin’s stamp of approval」in the centre

Together, they express an「energetic」and「uplifting」feeling

・It has been requested for the “New!” icon to be revamped during the renewal period

●About the campaign

・A closed campaign where an original jug can be won will be held from 25 June

■ 「Kirin Nodogoshi」product information

1.Product name:「Kirin Nodogoshi Nama」

2.Launch territories: Nationwide

3.Launch date: Mid May 2018 following replacement of manufactured products

4.Capacity/Container: 250ml can, 350ml can, 500ml can, 15L barrel

5.Price: Discretionary price

6.Alcohol content: 5%

7.Classification according to liquor tax law: Other brewed beverages (Carbonated) ①

8.Projected sales: Approx. 3.2 million cases (400,000KL) ※Conversion from large bottles

9.Manufacturing plant: Kirin Beer Hokkaido Chitose Brewery, Sendai Brewery, Toride Brewery, Yokohama Brewery, Nagoya Brewery, Shiga Brewery, Kobe Brewery, Okayama Brewery, Fukuoka Brewery


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA