Yesterday I was in a meeting since morning.

It was a long meeting but it seems that we were able to come up with something interesting. I’ll probably try creating a variety of clothes…

After that, I went for a shoot.

It wasn’t a very long shoot but this time, I’m a salary man. We did the shoot while people in the vicinity commented “Is there even such a salary man!”.

After that was done, we had a push-up competition in the changing rooms to test what everyone has accomplished in these past 2 months. The muscle aches in my body hurts.

But, I’ve definitely seen results from this. The area around my shoulders have become pretty lean. And I’m doing nothing but push ups.

This is also because I’m trying out a supplement called HMB to see how much my body will change but, this is just amazing.

I think it’s probably going to go on sale in China too. Those who don’t exercise will feel this change even more. It’s interesting because it makes it easier to burn off useless fats.

The world is continuously evolving.
But as expected, in the end it’s all about effort. Effort.


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