The charm of the ‘Ruby’ that even GACKT loved.

It’s something that everyone has heard about at least once, among the precious stones there are rubies
Rubies are also called ‘Kougyoku’ (ruby), and it is the charming birthstone of July with a passionately deep red color.
In the language of the stones it is linked with words like Passion, Pure love,Benevolence, Courage.

Ruby’s finest shades
Even if all stones go under same name of ruby, the shades vary. Like with people, there is no gem that resambles the other.
Among the others there’s a shade called Pigeon Blood, that is elected as the finest colour among rubies.
Having a slightly deep shade of red, it is called Pigeon Blood shade because of the charming and beautiful radiance it emitts from the inside that is characterised by a blackish shade originating from the presence of a small quantity of ‘Iron’ inside.

Synthetic ruby jewels

It is a so-called artificial stone called a synthetic stone.
In our shop, we deal with jewelry using synthetic ruby which is considerably close to the color of the finest ‘Pigeon Blood’ ruby.
These are also the same designed jewels that GACKT was wearing durign the New Year broadcast of the ‘Genoijin Kakuzuke Check’.
GACKT himself seems to like rubies and his birthday falls in July.
They all have an unisex design so it is well suited for GACKT, but we also wish for anyone born in July, and for everyone else as well to wear this jewels.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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