Notice of Audience Recruitment for 『Love music』

It has been confirmed that GACKT will be making an appearance on Fuji TV’s 『Love music』!!
As we are will be looking for fans to join the audience members for this program, interested parties should carefully read the details and notices below. Once you have confirmed that you definitely can participate, please apply through the application form below.

【Eligible Members】 Members within the validity period who joined on or before October 15 2016
【Application Period】 November 8 2016, 13:00~November 10 2016, 23:59
※One application per person.

【Entry Results】 Those who have been picked will be notified via email. The notification will be sent out around November 14 2016 (Mon)
※Please make sure that you have set your account to allow receiving of emails from 「」.

【Recording Date】 November 16 2016 (Wed)
【Meeting Place】 Tokyo, Minato-ku, near Odaiba
【Meeting Time】 20:00
【End Time】 Scheduled at 22:40
※There is a possibility of the time being earlier or later than scheduled.
Please take note of the timings as that you will not be able to leave halfway.

【Recruitment Conditions】
※ High school students are not allowed.
※ No entering the venue in a school uniform.
※ You absolutely have to be able to attend at arrive at the meeting time.
※ You have to be able to bring the lumiton or penlight (blue).

【Important Points for Viewing】
● Please make sure to bring your membership card and photo identity card.
● As staff will be checking for member authorisation, please bring your email notification of winning the entry.
● When in the venue, please be sure to always follow the instructions of the staff members.
● To reduce chaos on the day, reference numbers will be issued, and verification will be carried out in numerical order. Please understand that depending on the performance or set, a portion of the viewers may not be able to stand in front of the stage and watch.
Also, there might be a possibility that you will be asked to change your position due to height or other reasons, as such having an earlier reference number does not guarantee that you will be able to stay in the front.
● The parking area at the venue will not be able for use. When coming to the venue, please make sure to use public transport.
Also, transportation costs and other related costs to get to the venue will be borne by yourself.
● Due to the stage set-up this time, the audience area will be a fully standing space.
● We strictly forbid any action that is deemed as a nuisance to other audiences. Please be forewarned that you may be made to leave if you cannot follow the instructions of the staff.
● During the show, please make sure to turn off your handphones and smartphones.
(They may cause interference with audio equipment. There are instances when they stop working halfway through recording.)
● Photography, video recording, and audio recording using any device is strictly prohibited.
※If you are discovered, your equipment will be confiscated and you will be required to leave.
● On the day itself, TV cameras and other equipment will be set up and shooting will be conducted. Please be careful during the viewing.
Also, depending on the camera angle, audiences may be captured on screen. Only persons who have on issues with this happening should apply.
● The organizer and artiste can not assume any responsibility for accidents, injuries, theft, or other incidences that occur in the venue.
Please be sure to take care of your own valuables and yourself.
● It is strictly prohibited by law to bring explosives, like fireworks, and other dangerous goods, like sharp tools, into the venue.
● Please do not use signboards or other similar items as they will block the view of other audience members.
● Please come to the venue with as little baggage as possible.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA