GACKT Praised Black Mayonnaise, Likening Them to His「Life saviours」


  • In the broadcast on the 6th, GACKT likened Black Mayonnaise as his 「life saviours」
  • When GACKT was cornered by mental pressure, he watched Black Mayonnaise’s jokes
  • He was moved by their determination, and was able to reset his mindset

GACKT confessed about entertainers who could be considered as his life saviours 「They saved me. I might’ve given up on being GACKT」

During the broadcast of NTV’s 「Dare Datte Haran Bakusho」 on the 6th, GACKT likened the comedian duo Black Mayonnaise as his 「life saviours」.

On this day, Black Mayonnaise, who will soon celebrate their 19th year anniversary since debut, introduced their private and work life. In the middle of the program, GACKT appeared in the form of a video message, and revealed his surprising relationship with Black Mayonnaise. In the video, GACKT showed a deep gratitude to Black Mayonnaise as his 「life saviours」.

According to GACKT, the reason comes from an episode during the time when he had to spend 2 months in Romania during the filming of the Hollywood movie 「BUNRAKU」. It appeared that GACKT was dealing with a co-starring role in that movie, but because he was inexperienced with Hollywood movies, he did not know when to relax. In addition, with a jam-packed filming schedule which started from 5 a.m. in the morning to late at night, he also felt cornered by the mental pressure.

Just then, his assistant at the time sent GACKT a video of Black Mayonnaise performing their gags at the comedian contest, the 「M-1 Gran Prix」. After watching the video, GACKT was moved by the determination in Black Mayonnaise, who were of the same age as him, and was then able to reset his mindset.

As he looked back at those times, GACKT said, 「I’ve watched it at least a hundred times」, 「They helped my feelings. They saved me. By making me laugh」. He then said while flashing a smile, 「If I gave up there, I might’ve given up on being GACKT」. To this, Kosugi Ryuichi exclaimed 「Seriously!?」, while looking genuinely surprised and inspired at the same time.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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