GACKT, “I’ll ○○” His unexpected response to girls who swear

2016-nov03-dogatch-01Musician GACKT will appear as a guest on the November 2 broadcast of 『TOKIO Kakeru』 (Fuji TV, every Wednesday 22:00). On the program’s popular segment of 「The first time I’ve been asked in my life!」, his secretive private life will be unveiled.

In this segment, a new side of the guest will be drawn out through questions surrounding the prompt “questions that he has not been asked before”, that the TOKIO members wrote on cards beforehand. The guest will pick a card from all of those, and answer the question which will extend into a talk.

To the question 「What is GACKT’s time?」, he said 「If someone touches me when I’m asleep I’ll hit them」. And when asked 「How do you get rid of ghosts?」, he replied 「I ignore them」 then he confessed his true thoughts, saying 「What’s scary are people!」. In addition, as they moved to the topic of 「Do you check out girls on the streets?」, TOKIO members asked 「What do you think of girls who swear?」, he said 「What was that you said?」「I’ll stick my fingers up their nose」 dishing out an unexpected answer… …

Aside from those, hilarious talk ensues from GACKT answering never before asked questions. The yet to be discovered charm of GACKT becomes apparent.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA