Hi LOVERS family, happy Sunday!
How are you all doing? Holidays are over and we are back to our usual daily life! Even if we never really stopped because GACKT kept being active, so here’s our weekly staff blog! Let’s start with GACKT x Nestle Game Center video series:

And of course, our team keeps working hard to bring you the latest subtitles of the Game Center series! Take a look!

And GACKT has been very active on instagram as always with photos, videos and comments! Let’s take a look!!


 Together with GACKT, some other photos have been released on the social networks, of him with some friends! Let’s take a look!

As you well know, the OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga has been renewed and it’s become a video program to be broadcasted live once a month! Yesterday, the volume 2 was aired! So let’s take a look at the video and the photos!


And as always, here are the translation of the Official news, facebook and LINE messages!

And here are some of the article our team has translated for you!


That’s all for this week! See you next Sunday and have a wonderful week! Kisu~


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