Where does reality start, where does the dream end… A masterpiece performance by GACKT blending film and music


The 「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」 started on March 19 with a fan-club-only performance. The final of a total of 42 performances, was held on July 3 at Saitama Super Arena. Just like how it is in the 「VISUALIVE」 series, with fine attention paid to music, film and all angles of performance, he unveiled a masterpiece performance which would make the audience devoted to it.

Projected on the huge screen put up on stage, was the image of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, performed by GACKT. It started with a video which brought us into the world of GACKT’s wholly produced stage play 「MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hiden-」and 「Chapter 2」. Just as numerous arrows were being aimed at Yoshitsune in battle and were about to be released, 「ARROW」 was played, and GACKT appeared on stage dressed as he was in the video. The songs continued with 「Hana mo Chiyu」and 「RETURNER 〜Yami no Shuuen〜」 following songlist of his new album 『LAST MOON』, which is also the final chapter of the MOON Project. Right in front of the video of Yoshitsune being pierced by arrows, GACKT performed similarly. Just as he was experiencing deja vu, spectators of the story too were made to feel as if they have been incorporated into the story, creating a strange feeling.



Next was the 2nd part. As the video played again, we were brought to a memory which occurred before the story happened. Having been invited into the enchanting and beautiful story, the curtains parted and GACKT appeared on stage strumming the samisen, once again dressed similarly to the video with an eboshi. In the bright red lights which looked like they were ablaze, the performance of 「Utakata no Yume」by the band members reached through the arena in waves. A robot dance was performed for「Kugutsu ga Gotoku」, with song after song that followed being of varying styles shown in precise performances which brought surprises. Without a smile or an MC from GACKT, we were inevitably pulled into the world that was linked with the movies.

As expected, the 3rd part started with a movie, and as we wondered whether it would be a continuation of the profound story from earlier, there was a complete change in the middle, and became a video of the Camui♂Gakuen「Ikemen Research Club」which fans are sure to be familiar with! Although some might be dumbfounded by the sudden difference between the world views and the events that are unfolding, big laughs came from the audience who were released from the tension that had been built up. Together with the words「IT’S SHOW TIME」,the stage shifted gears to a glittering set. With「ONE MORE KISS」and「MIRROR」a dazzling and colourful performance unfolded, and the fans who teased and were teased responded with passionate calls as they moved on to the next stage. Then, at this point, there was a surprise. As GACKT was to celebrate his birthday the next day, DJ KOO and sound producer TAKUMI brought a cake and a bouquet of flowers onto the stage. Even for him who was bad at dealing with surprises, couldn’t help but show an unguarded smile.



The later half started with「U+K」. GACKT kept saying during the MC that he’s sung too much and can’t make a sound any more but (actually his speaking voice only turned slightly hoarse), when the song started, he sang with the same impressive strength as the earlier half! With his charming and unique vibrato resounding, he showed off his power and high level of professionalism to the 12,000 people in the audience.

For「Kimi Dake no Boku de Iru Kara」and「P.S. I LOVE U」which started in acapella, he delivered a quiet emotion and the screen appeared, finally showing the video for the final part. As Yoshitsune thought of his precious friends with whom he had fought together with, he wakes, and we return to the initial scene where he was pierced by arrows… which was the last scene. Then, on the stage, he sang「Setsugekka -The end of silence-」as if dedicating the song to each one of his fallen friends. During this performance which lasted over 4 hours, where does reality start and where does the dream end, with even the passionate exchange of call and response feeling like it was just a dream, it came to a perfect ending. It has also been decided that in 2017 there would be a「VISUALIVE」world tour. It is without a doubt that the fans around the world will be in a frenzy again.



Source: cddata-mag.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA