GACKT with the “DAIGO language” gives his blessing to newly wed 「KK OMDT GMS」!

The singer GACKT, (42), on January 12th apeared on the TBS TV show 「白熱ライブ ビビット」(on air from Monday to Friday at 8.00). GACKT took advantage of his apparition at the tv show to wish good luck for the newly weds, the very talented actress Kitagawa Keiko(29), and the singer DAIGO(37), held on January 11th.

The singer GACKT, DAIGO’s friend, who had also the occasion to participate in a move with the actress Kitagawa, decided to homage the newly weds with a message written in the “DAIGO language”「KK OMDT GMS、結婚おめでとうございます」meaning 「Many wishes for the wedding」.

He continued telling the newlywed:「I was very happy to read the news on the morning paper even if I was abroad. I think you could help each other and know each other always more and more. I hope you can be happy forever too. For this reason I want to end my message with 3 letters GDT, meaning GACKT DeshiTa (from GACKT)」. DAIGO thanked GACKT saying 「Well GACKT what to say, the use of your alphabent is intriguing me a loto!」


Source: Sponichi

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA