Hi LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? This week has been quite calm, weirdly I would say. GACKT too took some time to recover from the Rome trip who was an amazing success, stay tuned in the next days by the way to see what we came up with while in the Eternal City.

So now, let’s start with the weekly recap! GACKT x Nestle Game Center videos:


And since it’s a new month, we also have the special Ura Center!! Don’t you just love this new feature??


And as you well know, GACKT has been quite enjoyng the use of his instagram lately, so here are all the new photos fro his official instagram and more!!


And as usual, GACKT shared with us his blogs, and this time they were very moving and dedicated to his trip to Italy; we couldn’t be more happy and proud but also so so moved for the attention he dedicated to our country and our people


And finally, after a veeeeery long time, we were able to finish the subbing of the first series of the Game Centers!! Yes yes, don’t worry, we are working on the second one already~


And together with the blogs, GACKT also posted on LINE

And here are the official news from this week!!

That’s all for today! See you next week and stay tuned cause there are many many more news to come!! Kisu! Happy Sunday!