GACKT, talks about marriage planes “If we can be together (It would be good)”

GACKT talked about his marriage

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On October 29, GACKT appeared in an event that took place in Tokyo. Referring to his marriage, he confessed that he as no intention in marrying saying “I have absolutely no plane in marrying. Well, if I find a lovely girl, I’d think about it but, now I’m not interested at all”.
“Or better, even if there’s no marriage but I can be together with my loved one forever it would be good, but I’m not that obsessed with it.” announced, “First of all, I have to find a companion, right?” added smiling.

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Cosplay has it’s limits?

Few days ago, GACKT appeared in a nurse cosplay at a Halloween event. Relying to the press that enquired him “You were really handsome, was it difficult to impersonate a girl?”, “Well..” said he laughing “When I looked at my own pictures, I thought “My upper arms are too big”. I was pretty shocked”, said in his self-analysis.

Furthermore, About the reason behind the nurse cosplay, ” ‘Wouldn’t it leave a great impact’, I thought, and I decided to try it out” he explained, “years are passing by so I had the feeling I had to do it now, and do it as long as I can” said he expressing his idea.
When asked whether or not he would wear a cosplay for this Halloween too he said “I wonder if I should…” said while smiling, “There are so many things like that already”

Source: Modelpress

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