Camui Gakuen’s respectable students,
And also, you all reading this LINE profile

This is the great plutocrat son,
Your Camui Gakuen’s Seito Kaicho, Camui Gakuto!

And, here it comes…
You were expecting it, right!
Aren’t you perceptive!!(*`ω´)/

That’s right… , Today too
I was allowed intrude in the official LINE of GACKT, who I respect very much,
using all the energy of the Camui Gakuen brought to the max, Yes!.

GACKT, Goburei!
And Arigataki!!(*`ω´)/ (ndt. Thank you)

That’s right,
Yesterday I made a performance at the Nico Nico Party but,
You all that took part at the event, were you able to feel the energy of the Camui Gakuen at least a bit, I wonder?

But even for those who couldn’t come
if you look at the ‘Camui Gakuen Bible’ uploaded here
you’ll be able to understand what the Camui Gakuen really is。
That said, today is the last update.
For the forth chapter of ‘Camui Gakuen Bible’
I’ve decided to talk about the “Camui Gakuen’s way of having fan♪(`_´)!!!

The Camui Gakuen’s Gakuensai is about to start!!
There, we members of the light music club will make or performances。
Well, for the details, look at today’s ‘Camui Gakuen Bible’
And study it carefully。

If you can prepare your lesson well, next time we will put it into practice!!d(-_^)
We will show you the things you’ve learned so far at the Camui Gakuen’s Gakuensai that starts next 10/28!

And, that said,
C ya

Camui Gakuto Seito Kaichou Emoticon <3

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA