Camui Gakuen’s respectable students,
And also, you all reading this LINE profile

This is the great plutocrat son,
Your Camui Gakuen’s Seito Kaicho, Camui Gakuto!

Like yesterday I was allowed to borrow for a while the official LINE of GACKT, who I respect very much,
bringing all the energy of the Camui Gakuen.

GACKT, Arigataki!!(*`ω´)/ (ndt. Thank you)

Well then, today too I’ll upload
the ‘Camui Gakuen Bible’

I wonder if you have been able to understand better our Camui Gakuen
watching the videos uploaded till now?

I’m sure there are some of you thinking
“I want to know about the power relationship inside the Camui Gakuen school” !
Today, I thought of explaining it in the third chapter of the ‘Camui Gakuen Bible’ to all of you wondering about that ,
‘Power relationship within the school’!!(*`ω´)/

You’ll have a close up on internal affairs of the Camui Gakuen that surrounds me♪
It’s not something easily revealed on the outside so it’s really important!

That said,
There’ll be details about the upcoming Camui Gakuen’s Gakuensai so,
make sure you watch it till the end!

And that’s all for today everyone ☆

Well then,

Camui Gakuto Seito Kaichou ♥

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA