「GACKTRACKS -ULTRA DJ ReMIX-Release Party」 held in Tokyo at the Shangri-La hotel on July the 3rd, were used ‘TOBEG’ bottles.
It was a party to celebrate the release of 「GACKTRACKS –ULTRA DJ ReMIX」 in 2015.7.1.
Among other shows there was a 『GACKT、☆Taku Takahashi、DJ Koo talk show』 and 『G-DANCER performance show』, and many DJs and performers colored the party that day on the wonderful stage, exciting the people attending the party.
The people attending this wonderful party were treated to bottles of ‘TOBEG’ wine, which contributed to the essence of the party.
Also, to celebrate GACKT’s release, ‘TOBEG’ special bottles were presented.

Source: TOBEG Official Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA