I’m a bit late but finally the release day arrived!
You know, the shooting for an MV is always hard but
this time too the video will remain in history!!
The day of the shooting was still in the hot season so, even if we were in the middle of the night the temperature was high & with the enamel clothes on (^_^;) I was pouring sweat….
But it had it’s good results, it is quite a cool video, isn’t it?
However, really the world view (of the video) is amazing!! Even I can’t tell if those in the video are artist of this country(^^), and a certain someone totally turned into the devil king…(^^)
Everyone! Make sure you give it a look!

2015-ott08-YOUfacebook01 2015-ott08-YOUfacebook02 2015-ott08-YOUfacebook03

Source: YOU official Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA