GACKT “If you don’t provide children an environment where they can really get excited, they won’t have dreams” / Interview


■New Single『ARROW』 Interview (3/3)

≪My Season≫
GACKT introduces what he’s most interested or into recently!

Phuket’s wakeboarding
Because I’ll get tanned I’ve never done marine sports before this but, since they’ve finally started making wear that covers all your skin, I thought of using that to do marine sports. In the first place, because I go snowboarding in winter, this is something to do in the summer instead of that. I have business partners in Phuket, and since they go wakeboarding, I started to as well. For example, there was a training facility in Dubai called Wakeboard Park that had about 150 locations, and it was thriving to the point that there was 5 in one street but, with the current laws in place in Japan it is extremely difficult to set up such facilities. It’s a shame but even Japan’s top sportsmen are at the level of not being able to get through qualifiers of international competitions. Be it sports, music, or business, if you don’t provide children an environment where they can really get excited, they won’t have dreams. Of course, for example even if you do your best, it’s only natural that you won’t necessarily get first place because its a comepetetive world. However, because those who do it seriously will definitely delve into their next field seriously as well, the next time they may just become number one. In a competitive world, not feeling the competition is a problem in itself. It’s the same thing as refusing to grow up.

46th Single
Released on: 2015.10.07

GLCD-00010 / ¥1,800
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2. ARROW(Orchestra Ver)
3. ARROW(-Instrumental-)
4. ARROW(Orchestra Ver -Instrumental-)

≪Tour Information≫

3/21 (Monday ・ National holyday)【Yamanashi】 Colany cultural hall(Yamanashi kenritsu – Kenminbunka hall) 17:30/18:00  Disk garage 050-5533-0888
3/26 (Sat)【Osaka】 Orix theater 17:15/18:00 Kyodo information 0570-200-888
3/27 (Sun)【Osaka】 Orix theater 16:15/17:00 Kyodo information 0570-200-888
3/30 (Wed)【Kanagawa】Pacific Yokohama National Big Hall 18:00/19:00   Disk garage 050-5533-0888
4/1 (Fri)【Niigata】 Niigata prefecturarl meeting hall Big Hall 18:00/18:30  FOB Niigata 025-229-5000
4/6 (Wed)【Hyogo】Kobe International meeting Hall Kokusai Hall  17:45/18:30 Kyodo information 0570-200-888
4/7 (Thu)【Hyogo】obe International meeting Hall Kokusai Hall 17:45/18:30 Kyodo information 0570-200-888
4/9 (Sat)【Aomori】 Hachinohe public hall Big Hall 17:30/18:00 G.I.P 022-222-9999
4/10 (Sun)【Miyagi】 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall 17:30/18:00 G.I.P 022-222-9999
4/12 (Tue)【Kanagawa】Kamakura Museum of Art Big hall 18:00/18:30  Disk garage 050-5533-0888
4/16 (Sat)【Nagano】 Hokuto Cultural Hall Big Hall 17:30/18:00  FOB Niigata 025-229-5000
4/17 (Sun)【Ishikawa】 Honda no Mori Hall 17:30/18:00 FOB Kanazawa 076-232-2424
4/21 (Thu)【Hiroshima】 Ueno Gakuen Hall 18:00/18:30 Candy promotion Hiroshima 082-249-8334
4/23 (sat)【Okayama】OKAYAMA CIVIC HALL 17:30/18:00 Candy promotion Okayama 086-221-8151
4/25 (Mon)【Fukuoka】 Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall 18:00/18:30 BEA 092-712-4221
4/29 (Fri ・ national holiday)【Hokkaido】 Nitori Cultural Hall 18:00/18:30 WESS 011-614-9999
4/30 (Sat)【Hokkaido】 Nitori Cultural Hall 17:00/17:30 WESS 011-614-9999
5/10 (Tue)【Chiba】 Mori no hall 21 Big hall  18:00/18:30  Disk garage 050-5533-0888
5/14 (sat)【Aichi】Nagoya International Congress Centre Century Hall 17:15/18:00  Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466
5/21 (sat)【Ehime】Matsuyama Civic Centre Big Hall  17:30/18:00 Duke Matsuyama 089-947-3535
5/27 (fri)【Tokyo】 Tokyo International Forum Hall A 18:00/19:00  Disk garage 050-5533-0888
6/15 (Wed)【Kumamoto】Civic Auditorium Sojo University Hall (Kumamoto Civic Centre) 18:00/18:30 BEA 092-712-4221
6/17 (fri)【Miyazaki] Miyazaki Civic Cultural Hall Big Hall 18:00/18:30 BEA 092-712-4221
7/2(sat) 【Saitama】 Saitama super arena 16:00/17:00  Disk garage 050-5533-0888

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