GACKT-san will be Family Mart’s In-Store Radio, FamiRadi’s New DJ for 2 Weeks!!
~From 6 October 2015(Tue)until 19 October 2015(Mon)~

Family Mart (HQ: Toshima, Tokyo / Company President: Nakayama Isamu) will, for a limited 2-weeks period from 6 October (Tue) until 19 October (Sat), be having GACKT-san as a new DJ for the in-store radio “Fami Radi” which is broadcast nationwide in the 500 Family Mart outlets.2015-sett25-familyMartRadio

■GACKT-san appears as the 6th generation “Fami Radi” DJ!

Since December 2013, Family Mart has invited popular artistes as limited period DJs to deliver entertaining talk and music on its original music program “Fami Radi” (broadcasting time: 17:00 ~ 03:00 the following day) which is broadcast in all its stores nationwide.

This time, GACKT-san, the individualistic non-conformist musician who is also active in various fields of work, will be appearing as the 6th generation “Fami Radi” DJ. It is the first time that GACKT-san will be a “Fami Radi” DJ for the limited 2 weeks but, it is undoubtedly going to be a very rare broadcast with interesting conversations that surround the theme of「Family」, and lots of stories that you wouldn’t normally hear of.

From here on too, Family Mart hopes to provide feelings that can「lighten up」and「make it more enjoyable」through the in-store broadcast.

With the main theme of「Fun&Fresh」, Family Mart aims to be a convenience store that brings to our customers new lifestyles, and feelings of “ease and emotional happiness”.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team