I’m full!

Kishidan Banpuku was awesome!
Thank you everyone!
I’m happy I was able to come this year too(;▽;)ノ
Thank you for calling me Kishidan-san!m(_ _)m
Let’s talk about what happened this year in order


To us artists in the dressroom was given a letter written by Oyakoujisho-san himself and at the end of the paper there was a self made portrait.. (Laugh)


On stage with Moritomo Arashi
I was allowed to sing
“Sayonara wa arukidasu”
“One Night Carnival”
and “Hanasu wa nai”

We sang “One Night Carnival” and “Hanasu wa nai” together with Oyakoujisho-san too.
What beautiful memories!(⊃-^)
I want to see the video of the show late at night in my house drinking sakeeeeee !(⊃-^)


And then it was time for the Golden Bomber performance
I was so sweaty I thought I was going to day! (Laugh)
It was the best!
In this summer fest I was able to show what I’ve come to learn! (Primarly not to rush things)
Thank you for giving me the possibility to enjoy this great scenary!(^-^)


A commemorative picture with Chiba from Sendaigamotsu and NoGoDo’s leader.
What is this sense of security…(^-^) (laugh)


We ate together the curry at Azabu’s kyuuban booth!
The meat was delicious!(^-^)
With Tsunku, and the leader of the NoGoDo that is a big fan of Mornign musume we went to check their performance but their sexy beam was so unbearable that we all collapsed to the ground (laugh)


Then I was allowed to partecipate to Jounetsu no Inazuma of GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen!
I was so nervous and scared.
Since it was decided this morning I was in my dress room practicing like crazy\(((^-^)))/ (laugh)
I couldn’t make a single mistake in this song \(((^-^)))/
I could dance as wildly as I wanted\(((^-^)))/ (laugh)
Seito Kaicho! Thank you for having me!(^-^)


And then, to sing the encore with Kishidan and Camui♂Gakuen’s Seito Kaicho I put on the uniform!


I look like a punk!


With Seito Kaicho!\(^-^)/

Then I could sing together with the others “One Night Carnival”
I’m so happy I was able to enter something like 4 stages !ヽ(;▽;)ノ (laugh)
I’m also happy I was able to give my greetings to Kazuya Yoshi after such a long time (∩^-^∩)
The personality of Shochoko-san was as bright as ever.(^-^≡^-^) (laugh)
A lot of things happened and it was really a beautiful day.
Tomorrow’s Banpuku will be wonderful as well. Please everyone, come to see and participate in tomorrows show as well! (^-^)
Tomorrow us golden Bomber will be at the Niigata performance too, we won’t lose to the others and will show the best entertainment ever!!!
To all of you coming tomorrow! Let’s have fun together!(^-^)
I’ll do my nose gargling and go to bed~(^-^)zzZ
As espected today I don’t have time to watch AV! I can’t watch them! (‘-‘)
I want to have good dreams!

Source: ameblo.jp/kiryu-in/

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team