GACKT : A woman preparing coffee for me in the early morning… “I can’t find a girl like that”

On September 15th, The well known artist GACKT attended the “Nescafè Dolce Gusto – Future cafe” event to celebrate the Nescafe Harajuku’s opening’s anniversary, sited in Harajuku, Tokyo.
In that same cafe, the new coffee machine “NesCafe dolce gusto”‘s selling was announced, it was possible to see for the first time the futuristic service managed by drones working independently (available only for a limited period), furthermore it was possible to check the Projection mapping and meet Pepper.

The first customer GACKT, guest of the cafe, told us: “To think about 5 years ago when coffee was something unknown for me!”, then he added smiling: “When I came to France, I saw a lot of people drinking coffee and I have to say they were very cool while doing it! For this reason I practiced every day to become able to drink it!”, then he commented about the new coffe’s type saying: “It’s seriously delicious!”

During an interview they asked him different questions like: “Hey, GACKT, what if your loved ones was preparing coffee for you every morning?” he answered : “Well, it would be wonderful! If only a girl like that existed!”, continuing “It would be wonderful for real having a girlfriend like that! But we can’t find such a woman..”

The “Nescafe dolce gusto – Future cafe” will be available from September 16th to September 23rd.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team