2015/09/19 (Sat) Starting from 09:00
Kishidan Banpaku 2015× NicoLive Special Episode~On-site Live Performing Bands’ Interviews and Reports~

Program Info

NicoNico Live will be inflitrating
the 2-day event held on 19(Sat) and 20 (Sun) September 2015,
at Chiba Prefecture’s Soedegaura Seaside Park, the Live Event hosted by Kishidan Banpaku
「Kishidan Banpaku 2015 ~Bousou!Kousou!Tenka Musou!Mousou!Kyousou!Dai Bousou!~」!
We will be delivering to you live reports from the venue and interviews with the performers!!

「Kishidan Banpaku」is the top music fest of the nation,
featuring 31 esteemed astistes of varied genres in a dream gathering!
For all those who simply can’t make it to the event with all your tears,
do enjoy yourselves on the actual event day on NicoLive!!

「Kishidan Banpaku 2015 ~Bousou!Kousou!Tenka Musou!Mousou!Kyousou!Dai Bousou!~」
presented by Shimizu Group

19 Sep 2015(Sat)
OPEN 9:00 / START 10:30 / END 20:40(Planned)
DISH//(WELCOME ACT)、Moritomo Arashi-shi(T-BOLAN、morioni)(OPENING MATCH)、
Moriyama Naotaro(OPENING CEREMONY ACT)、VAMPS、GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen、
Kyuuso Neko Kami、Group Tamashii、Go Hiromi、Golden Bomber、
Sendai Nimotsu、Denoa Gumi.inc、Morning Musume。OG、ROLLY & HEESEY special guest: Yoshii Kazuya、
Kishidan、Team Shachihoko、Dancho(NoGoD)、Binetsu DANJI

20 Sep 2015(Sun)
OPEN 9:00 / START 10:30 / END 20:40(Scheduled)
MITZ・mangrove&Tokumitsu Kazuo(OPENING CEREMONY ACT)、Kinniku Shoujo Tai、SiM、
Ebisu Private Academy、SPYAIR、Sekima II、10-FEET、Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra、
Dohatsuten、Momoiro Clovers Z、Wada Akiko、Kishidan、DJ Dainoji、DJ Pepper、BinetsuDANJI


【With regards to artistes appearing in this program】
As the performance for NicoLive will depend and proceed with accordance to the events on-site,
we apologise that it is not definite that all artistes will make an appearance.
Please take this into consideration.

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Confirmation of exclusive broadcast of「Kishidan Banpaku 2015」on WOWOW!

Date/time:Broadcast scheduled on Dec 2015 on WOWOW Live(BS-192ch))
※Details have yet to be confirmed, updates will be announced on the official site.

【Prologue program】
Schedule for free broadcast on 28 Nov 2015(Sat)WOWOW Live(BS-192ch)

【Pre broadcast special】
Scheduled for free broadcast on Dec 2015 WOWOW Premium(BS-9ch)

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Source: live.nicovideo.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team