“Kaze yo〜 mae〜〜〜 Nagashita namida no〜〜・・・♪♫“ (ARROW)


Oh~, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
Yeah, I’m doing fine.
How are you?

“What have you been doing
on such a morning”
… you ask…

when you say it
it sounds kinda lewd…

I’m doing a shoot for a CM.
Since morning.
We have to finish everything today
while the sun is still up.

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“What CM are you filming??”
… you ask…

I’m here to film the CM for BIG.
Though I’ve been doing it since last night.

“Is it really that hard
to film a CM?”
… you ask……..

I guess it depends on the CM.
BIG’s CM is quite carefully made
with quite a bit of budget involved.

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Each and every small detail
is looked into closely too,
you can tell the difference from the previous CM right?

“I really liked the previous CM!!!”
… you say…

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Ahahaha, thanks.
I’m happy to hear that.

As it’s a CM that was carefully made with a lot of attention,
to hear that you liked it when it was done this way
makes me feel glad.

Though I think it would be good
if there were more of such high quality CMs.
there have only been small budget, cheap CMs,
that you won’t think of wanting to watch them right?

“As expected it has an impact?”
… you say..

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Naturally so.
Because when you cut your budget
the first thing that gets cut off is
the production staff’s side of things.

They’ll be low on manpower,
and their movements will get bad.
Inevitably the overall quality
will fall like that.
You get it right?

Of course,
there are also good low-budget productions.
There are those that can be done with an idea.
the decline of the budget of the industry,
is definitely not a good thing.
Because price erosion will occur,
and cause a competition for the lowest prices.

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it’s really hot today.
We’re filming under a the fierce direct sunlight.

How many years has it been
since I was in such strong sunlight in the outdoors…

This is really tough…

“GACKT-san, are your eyes bad?”
… you ask…

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The part that adjusts light has been damaged.
That’s why, compared to others, it there’s too much light around
and I don’t have my sunglasses,
I can’t see anything under the sunlight.

“If that’s the case, then isn’t it hard on stage?”
… you ask…

It is hard…
Because I really can’t see anything.
the lighting for the stage
mainly comes from the top so
I’m not exactly being shone at in the face right?

2015-sett04-blog-15 2015-sett04-blog-16 2015-sett04-blog-17

Like for dramas,
when the light shines right to my face
I really can’t see anything.

because of long-term overexposure,
it will become a situation where
I have absolutely no idea where what is.

Funny right?

“Are the lights for this time’s CM tough for you too?”
… you ask…

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team