“GACKT’s Game Center!? Is back!”

“GACKT’S Game center!? Is back!” The videos of the original and amazing GACKT’s favourite power up games are back! Furthermore, for a limited time, exclusive footage from the Nestlé backstage will be published and they will be called “Uracenter”!

Nestlé Japan Co. (whose headquarter is in Kobe, Hyoko prefecture. Takaoka Kozo is CEO and President) starting from July 2014 started recording videos “GACKT’s Game center” where the famous artist, GACKT, will challenge himself in his favorite games for 365 days a year and publishing them on Nestle Japan CO Youtube channel, his game methods, his feelings, and all of this absolutely for free.
In a year there have been more than 1milion and 500 thousands hits and thanks to the many requests for another season, on September 1st 2015 (Tue) the second season hast started and it has benn called “GACKT’S Game center!? Is back!”.

Same as last year, every day at 7pm JPT videos will be published on the channel, but, furthermore, there will be many new contents on the videos regarding “Nestlé’s staff”, on “Nestle Amuse”, and the new videos called”UraCenter”. UraCenter will be published starting 1st October 2015.


◆ Videogame software will be different!
In the last edition, we saw GACKT completing, with a hard work, the masterpiece “Rockman”, here we’ll see him sweat again with the equally hard and new masterpiece “Spelunker” called “All together with Spelunker Z”. You can watch our more than calm GACKT facing hard challenges in the Game Center.
Furthermore, in the spin-off del of the masterpiece “Yakuza” called “Yakuza returns” you can enjoy the amazing videos of the game together with GACKT and watch the hero Ryoma Sakamoto in action.

◆For all those who are only interested in the “UraCenter”
Together with the main part of the videos uploaded every day for the “Nestle Amuse” feature and the  e “GACKT’S Game center!? Is back!”, it will be possible to follow a new episode of the “UraCenter” once a month. The first episode will be published on October 1st 2015 (Thursday).
From the starting of the filming, there will be contents that won’t be shown even to GACKT and that will be grouped in various videos, that will be published together together with the release of the “UraCenter”.

◆ Improvements of the advertising
Just like last time, this year to we’ll be sending gifts to our most dedicated fans. Together with the coffee and tea machines autographed by GACKT, in this season there will be many gifts offered from Nestle Amuse.
◆”GACKT’S Game center!? Is back!” Schedule
■ Broadcast period : From September 1st 2015 till August 31st 2016 (starting September 2nd there will be new videos every day at 7p JPT)
■ For all those who want to see a preview of the “UraCenter” we suggest these links:
1) Video length: about 5 – 10 minutes
2) 3-5 title will be played every month
3) At the end of the month there will be a summaryof the past month
4) The “UraCenter” will be published once a month.
■September games
“Rockman X”, “All together with Spelunker Z!”e “Yakuza returns!”

Source: PRTimes.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team