HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? Here’s the GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog, so if you missed something about GACKT this week, here’s our news recap!

Last week we were very busy with the Kenshin festival! GACKT was amazing as always, did you see it? If you missed it, you can still read all the reports and see the videos on our website.


The Game Centers are about to start again! Just two days more for the wait!! Aren’t you excited?? We are super hyped and we can’t wait to get our daily GACKT dose again! In the meantime you can watch the event from Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival with GACKT and Max Murai and of course all the Game Centers that our team is subbing! Enjoy!

Furthermore, it’s almost Camui Gakuen time!! This year is the title is 92nd Camui Gakuen de Dashitekudasai and it will be held starting October! Let’s see what our favourite School Council President has to say this week!

And of course, GACKT was active on his official website and socials, so here’s the translation of all the official news and Facebook!

We can also expect to see GACKT in some new CMs! So if you missed it, here are the new BIG and Hokto CMs!

[NEW PHOTOS] GACKT with Hiromu Takahara [NUOVE FOTO] GACKT con Hiromu Takahara

And last but not least, here’s a photo of GACKT with Hiromu Takahara! New collaboration on the horizon? We’ll have to wait and see!

 That’s all for today LOVERS! Have a wonderful weekend and start of the week! Stay tuned with us! Kisu~