『Hokto Premium Marbled Oyster Mushrooms』 New CM Featuring GACKT ~Gourmet 「GACKT」 acknowledges the deliciousness and quality control of the premium mushrooms~


Hokto Kinioku Company (headquarters: Nagano), which manufactures and distributes mushrooms, will have GACKT-san as the face of their 「Hokto Premium Marbled Oyster Mushrooms」 again from September 2015.
Following 2014, he was picked for the project with the idea of having GACKT-san, a known foodie, express 「Hokto Premium Marbled Oyster Mushrooms」’s premium feel, quality, deep flavours, and premium presence.

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■What is 「Hokto Premium」

Hokto Premium is born with a dedication to “taste” with rigorous quality control. Setting ourselves apart from all other mushrooms in taste, with a strong presence as the star of every dish, we have gained recognition for being the new premium mushroom.

■What is 「Hokto Premium Marbled Oyster Mushrooms」

「Marbled Oyster Mushrooms」are, a combination of the Japanese oyster mushroom, that is familiar to the Japanese since ancient times which has even appeared in the classic series 「Konjaku Monogatarishuu」, and the European oyster mushrooms.
It’s cap is fleshy, with its beautiful characteristic “marble-like” pattern on its surface. Compared to the traditional oyster mushroom, its shelf-life is better too, and its thick flesh prevents disintegration from boiling, which gives a crisp and juicy texture that you can enjoy eating.

■Comment from GACKT-san

Hokto Premium Marbled Oyster Mushrooms are not only delicious, but what I think makes it premium is that they have paid close attention to even the quality control and the making of it.
Be it a simple dish, or one that has various ingredients thrown in, I think you’ll be able to taste this deep flavour and feel the height of its quality.
Please do give it a try.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team