Proceeding with membership cards shipping

We are proceeding with the shipping of membership cards for people who applied for it from 2015/5/16 to 2015/7/15.

Period for non-arrival enquiry: Contact G&LOVERS from August the 26th to August the 31st.

During the above mentioned period of time send an e-mail to 【】.
◇Subject [non-arrival of membership card]
(※In case of absence of the subject field write it in the body of the e-mail)
◇Body of the e-mail: Name / Pronunciation / membership number / address

※Please send your enquiry in the due time
Note that any enquiries received beyond the non-arrival inquiry period, will have a reissue extra fee (700 yen).
※In case changes in the name printed on your membership card,
please follow the [membership card re-issue procedure method] described in the “Information” field of this site.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team