“Event Report” Kenshin GACKT’s appearance – Kawanakashima’s Battle rapresentation


Also this year, GACKT has participated in the festival in honor of the great general of the Warring States era Uesugi Kenshin. This festival is held since 5th year of the Taisho period (1926), the same hometown of Kenshin.

Video di GACKT Kenshin

On august 23rd (Sun) , the heroic soldiers in armor have made the assault with General Uesugi played by GACKT. GACKT had the opportunity to play this historical figure in 2007, in the TV series “Furinkazan”, “The bells of the volcano” on the NHK network. While along the road people eagerly awaiting their hero, Kenshin GACKT appeared riding his horse followed by his army, encouraged by people’strong applause and shouts of joy.


The festival has also reached a climax when, almost reached the final stage, the general Kenshin GACKT gave an order to his army, and people have made their voices heard to give support. To the assault about 400 people were selected to wear the typical clothes of samurai armor and thus make it even more beautiful.

“Although this year the temperature is slightly lowered, the heat of your spirit didnt’ do it. This has really cheered me. This festival, over the years become increasingly popular among the people, so from next year new tricks will be added to the exhibition of one of the festivals that best represents Japan, and I think we can succeed to do it thanks to the collaboration of the city and the private sectors. Try to imagine it! “──GACKT



90th general Kenshin Festival edition

The Kenshin’s festival is a festival designed to honor the memory of the hero of the city of Joetsu, General Uesugi Kenshin. 1,000 soldiers wear armor, have the katana or spears and they make a brave assault to the historic site of Kasuga Yamashiro. Everywhere you can hear the shouts that encourage fighting or watch legions of children dressed as warriors. s also possible see the knights paraded on the backs of their beautiful horses armored observe the military strategy or tactics of fighting, just as if you were living in a film set in the real battle of Kawanakashima. With realistic atmosphere that is created, this is an event that you can not see anywhere else and that attracts many fans of war movies. GACKT, who played Uesugi Kenshin since 2007 for a show aired on the television network NHK, has added a great atmosphere at this festival making it one of the best in the Niigata’s area.



Source: BARKS

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team