Sale of the 90th Kenshin Festival Pamphlet at the venue.

Pamphlet contents2015-gackt_pamph
・GACKT Kenshin interview
・Images of GACKT coming to Joetsu last year
・Script of the Re-Enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle(Digest version)
・Biography of the righteous Uesugi Kenshin
・Introduction of the landmarks associated with Lord Kenshin
・Schedule of events, Etc
Full-colour, 12 pages

◆Sales venue
Kenshin Festival Headquarters(before Kasugaya Kenshin Exchange Centre)

◆Sales timing
・22 Aug(Sat)10:30~17:00
・23 Aug(Sun)9:00~16:30

◆Selling price / Number of copies
・1 book 500yen, 2,500 books available(sales ends when sold out)

◆For more information
Kenshin Festival Sponsorship Executive Office(within Tourism Promotion)
Tel: 025-526-5111(Extension number 1246)

Source: Joetsu-Kanko

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team