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【Delivered thrice a month】

Today I thought that it would be a free one for the first time in awhile
when I suddenly received a call from Camui♂Gakuen’s student council

“I’m having a shoot
at the Shangri-la Hotel, and I’d really like you to come”

… he said.


I prepared to go meet him for the first time in awhile,
and went to visit the shooting venue for a bit.

It seems like,
before embarking with the other school, Kishidan,
he wanted to film a letter of challenge in a video message…
I was really taken aback by the modern speak but,
I tried to understand it as
this is what the current generation’s letter of challenge is like…

Blog_11Ago15_02 Blog_11Ago15_03

the student council president slowly came closer,
and started a discussion with a meek expression.

『For this year’s Camui♂Gakuen Gakuen-sai…
We’ve yet to decide on what songs we should perform so…
Is it okay to ask GACKT-shi
to pick a few songs for us? 』


Oh my god…
It’s turning out to be like a terrible accident.
I barely know anything about the songs in Japan.

Hurriedly I gathered the staff,
searched for a karaoke box,
and for the first time in awhile, sang together with everyone,
while doing research.

Blog_11Ago15_05 Blog_11Ago15_06

Although its a favour,
how long has it been since I went for karaoke…

When I was a kid we used to play there a lot…
I started recalling things from the past but,
when I really really think about it, through these past 10 years
I’ve played quite a lot too.
I’ve finally become able to play without reservation.

“Those who play half-heartedly will also work half-heartedly”

That is the reply I have within me,
and from there another reply is,

“Those who can’t bring themselves to play can’t grow in their work”

That is the answer that I have come up with in these 20 years.


People are not machines.
Japanese people are really bad at playing.
As to why Japanese people are bad at playing,
a few reasons exist.
There’re probably past relics involved as well.

“It’s not good to play!!”

That was
in as era where there were many workers,
“If you have the free time to play go work!!!
Raise your work efficiency!!!
If your body gets broken or you become someone we can’t use
you’ll be replaced !!!!

There was an era when
many companies were operated based on such thinking.
To the labourers,
it was an unchanging environment that cam from 10 plus years ago.

In the first place,
its no longer an era where such a thinking will work.
You can’t growl at labourers.
If someone grows to not want to work,
the idea that you can easily hire someone to take his place,
belongs to an era past.


At present,
the total number of labourers is overwhelmingly growing lower,
and in an era when labour wages have risen quite high
how are you going to bring up good quality labourers?
That being said,
with the real existence of developing societies,
the answer that your business has to aim to support those countries
will come to you with just a little thought.

To do that, an excellent work efficiency,
and the creation of a competent work environment are linked together.

The result of a place with a bad work efficiency, is the tendency to think

“Work doesn’t progress because there are too many guys playing around…”

that’s not right.

It’s not because there are many guys playing around that work efficiency is
in the first place, if only low level,
low quality workers exist in the work environment, right from the start
there will be many problems.


What am I trying to say?
In conclusion, ”Play more without holding back!!!” is what I want to say.

doesn’t mean to play in the free time between work.

By【play】, I mean to arrange your schedule,
and at the same time with work,
it is important to engage in play.

To start with,
Japanese people have a sense of guilt when it comes to play,
to the point where there are even people who feel disgust to it.

That is not right.


Those who can’t really play
are definitely people whose spirit will go up in smoke.
Forcibly, the result of a broken spirit,
will make the turn useless.

The times from here on,
the Japan from here on,
in a few more years many expatriate workers
will start to visit Japan.

Foreign labour that cost much lower
than the Japanese people’s current wages
will start to flock over.


Speaking of which,

“Importation of foreign labour should not be refrained from because we’re
short on jobs,
such a thing should not be allowed”

There are people who are capable of deriving such an answer but,
that is an answer that comes from some who hasn’t thought much and is

Generally speaking, we cannot guarantee
that foreign labour is of high quality.

the stance that Japanese people should take from now on, is
a high quality of education,
a high quality workforce,
in other words the minimum requirements
of becoming an excellent worker.


No matter how much the population may increase,
if the field is of low quality, the work efficiency will be bad.
To increase that work efficiency,
there is a definite need for high quality workers.

From that stand point,
Japanese people have to firmly and without a doubt
create a place for themselves,
not compete with cheap labour
eye to eye.
then as it is natural that workers that are cheaper to hire
will align with the company,
in that sense
to such Japanese people, they will think they’re losing their jobs.

The entry of foreign labour is
essential for the Japan of today.
You cannot look away from this.

Japanese people were to become high quality workers,
they have to work and concentrate,
and treat【play】too as an important requirement in raising their own quality,
play a lot,
both mind and body also becomes strong,
and become a high quality worker who generates all kinds of ideas!!!!
That’s what I want to say.

It’s not anything complicated.

Playing in your free time… get rid of that wishful thinking!!

It’s something where the busier your work schedule becomes,
firmly incorporate your play schedule into it,
concentrate on playing a lot in a short amount of time,
aim to interact well and communicate with your friends
talk loudly, laugh loudly,
if your seniors or bosses are in the area,
take it as an opportunity to say things that you normally can’t say,
and go improve your emotional connections!

The accumulation of that
is the birth of a high quality worker,
and a highly creative individual.


Try remembering to wear your heart on your sleeve.

When was the last time you truly laughed so hard you could roll over?
When was the last time you used a loud voice to get everyone talking?
When was the last time you thought within yourself…
that this senior, this boss is really wonderful?
When was the last time you shouted out from the depths of your heart “this
is fun~!”?
When was the last time you played so much that you slept a load?

I wonder how many people
can clear all of these points
in one month?

You understand how you’re not playing without holding back right?


Play is not something you do in your free time.
That time has to be devoted, even if you have to force it,
and you have to incorporate in a【Play Schedule】.

As this is a way of thought that Japanese people don’t have enough of,
it has to be understood that
this is a concept that has to be applied no matter what.

【Work a lot, play a lot】

Do you understand?

My name is GACKT.
My motto is『Mr. PLEASURE』

If you become capable of playing without reserve,
you be able to give an even more wonderful smile.

Its not the fault of the world
that your expressions are dark.

Its because you couldn’t play without holding back.
Well, dive into your play schedule right now!!
What your heart needs is to play without reserve.



My voice can be heard
on GACKT Blomaga so,
those who want to read it all, check out the Blomaga

※This article is an excerpt from the
“GACKT’s Trashy Stories” corner in the Blomaga.

【Delivered thrice a month】

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