The tour dates for GACKT’s nationwide tour [LAST VISUALIVE] to be held next year has been revealed on 8th August 8:08:08 am.Barks-lastvisuallive_1 - 2015

On 4th August, the mysterious characters [8.8] appeared on GACKT’s official HP’s top page, with a countdown timer starting from 4th August, causing rumours speculating about what could be revealed.

It has been 7 years since the concept tour, the [VISUALIVE], was held as [VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II].

Also, an early ticket sales will start on 10 September for members of the GACKT OFFICIAL FAN CLUB G&LOVERS who have joined by 31 August.


March 19 (Sat) [Saitama] Misato City Culture Hall Main Hall
March 21 (Mon•Hol) [Yamanashi] Korany Culture Hall (Yamanashi Prefecture Culture Hall)
March 26 (Sat) [Osaka] Orix Theatre
March 27 (Sun) [Osaka] Orix Theatre
March 30 (Wed) [Kanagawa] Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
April 1 (Fri)【Niigata】Niigata Prefecture Civic Centre Great Hall
April 6 (Wed)【Hyogo】Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall
April 7 (Thu)【Hyogo】Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall
April 9 (Sat)【Aomori】Hachinohe City Auditorium Large Hall
April 10 (Sun)【Miyagi】Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
April 12 (Tue)【Kanagawa】Kamakura Museum of Art Great Hall
April 16 (Sat)【Nagano】Hokuyo Cultural Hall Large Hall
April 17 (Sun)【Ishikawa】Honda Forest Hall
April 21 (Thu)【Hiroshima】Ueno Gakuen Hall
April 23 (Sat)【Okayama】Okayama CIvic Centre
April 25 (Mon)【Fukuoka】Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall
April 29 (Fri•Hol)【Hokkaido】Nitori Cultural Hall
April 30 (Sat)【Hokkaido】Nitori Cultural Hall
May 10 (Tue)【Chiba】Mori no Hall 21 Great Hall
May 14 (Sat)【Aichj】Nagoya Congress Centre Century Hall
May 21 (Sat)【Ehime】Matsuyama CIvic Centre Great Hall
May 27 (Fri)【Tokyo】Tokyo International Forum Hall A
June 15 (Wed)【Kumamoto】Civic Auditorium Sojo University Hall (Kumamoto Civic Centre)
June 17 (Fri)【Miyazaki】Miyazaki Civic Cultural Hall Great Hall
July 2 (Sat)【Saitama】Saitama Super Arena

Source: Ok Music

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team