《「GACKUCCHI Jacket」themed Smartphone case 2nd Round On sale now!! 》
On the EC Site which sells Official Artist Smartphone cases, “ARTIST COVER”
The popular “GACKUCCHI Jacket” themed smartphone case has come back on sale for the 2nd time!
The popular “GACKUCCHI Jacket” wallpapers available at『GACKT★Underland』
will be available for download up until the 3rd of the following month for each 2nd and 3rd round of Smartphone case sales!
Once a new Smartphone case is released, the previous Wallpaper
will no longer be available for download, so get your hands, or fingers, on quick♪
Customize your Smartphone beautifully with a matching wallpaper and Smartphone case♪
(『GACKT★Underland』is a 324 yen/Month (Incl. Tax) Memership service.)
The 2nd round comes in 3 types「OASIS」,「〜seki-ray〜」,「Saikai〜Story〜」
Check it out at the URL below!
※Japan only.
※Available for purchase on PC/Smarphone.
Price: 3,240 yen(Incl. Tax)
iPhone6/iPhone6+/Xperia Z3 3,456 yen (Incl. Tax)
※ Shipping separate
Compatible with:iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone5S/iPhone6/iPhone6+/GALAXY S4/GALAXY S5/Xperia Z3
Also, the 3 types from the 1st round 「Mizerable」,「Vanilla」,「Mirror」, will be on sale until 3 PM JST 4th September 2015!
Don’t miss out on your favourite GACKUCCHI!
The 3rd Round is planned for 4th September. Stay tuned for it!
※「ARTIST COVER」is run and operated by AXEL ENTER MEDIA Inc.


Source: GACKT Official Facebook