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【Delivered thrice a month】

It’s really been awhile
since I’ve stayed in Japan so long
after coming back from overseas.

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This month there was my birthday
and various events overlapping each other but,
my shooting work was also overlapped, so my time in Japan
was lengthened for quite a bit.

But, that’s not a bad thing.

My hair which grew long was cut short for a CM.
This suits the current me better.


During this long stay in Japan
the shoots and recordings which have been accumulated went on everyday,
and proceeded at a dizzying pace.

But, no matter how busy it gets
my stay in Japan wasn’t bad.
I managed to meet friends who I normally couldn’t meet
and was brought to various delicious places.

I’m thankful for it.

While going to these various shops
I once again got to notice the splendour of Japan.


Japan’s level when it comes to dealing in food is really amazing.
Here there is an unbelievably high level of skill involved.
While applying an approach which is finely textured,
I also have to tip my hat off
to the artisans’ high level of insistence in their cuisines.

The word “wonderful”
just kept flowing out from my mouth.
To create food like this
is a skill that has become one of Japan’s.

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Even though such great produce and cultures are aligned together,
the greatness of Japan can’t be conveyed overseas.
That’s the truth of it.

Most of the Japanese cuisine that is found overseas are
pretty much just imitations,
and made by their locals who refer to a manual.

Shops that can really
show Japan’s finely textured approaches overseas,
is limited to the restaurants managed by the extremely few Japanese who are
to firmly set foot in the local areas and plant themselves there.
It’s not a stretch to say that Japan’s intricate level of food selection
is the top in the world.

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It’s really a waste.
This delicate approach,
because the smallest details are what makes it good,
regardless of the natural form of the Japanese,
overseas, it’s overflowing with imitations which mimic just the imagery.

Overseas, Japan’s so-called【legendary】things still exist.
Japanese things are good!!!! is still the typical idea.
This is probably the result of the many products made
following 1975 which have reputation of lasing long.

even this【legend】,
is already starting to disappear everywhere overseas.

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It’s not that Japanese products are getting bad but,
one of the reasons is that
there is hesitance in approaching overseas markets.
And, another one reason will be advances of
the Chinese and Korean companies which are government backed.

Many Korean produced electronics are
certainly better than Japan’s electronics.
In this department, you have to admit its true.


About 15 years ago.
Many of Japan’s engineers
were offered much higher pay
and were beginning to, in other words, get 『head-hunted』.

With the variety of different engineers,
Korean was generously passed the skills of Japan’s.
Why did they not stay in their own country
and provided the transference of skills to another country?

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That is the way Japanese corporations treated them,
in other words, with the perspective that 【it’s only natural to do it】,
being underpaid,
and in that unfair position,
its probably the result of many dissatisfactions…

Many of the engineers working in Japan’s top companies.
Were drawn overseas with higher pay.
This is the result of the actions of dissatisfaction
of the engineers who saw that no changes would be made
if they stayed in Japan as they were.

And from there, overseas products
began catching up at an abnormal pace.

Japan lost many skilled engineers.

Although it’s a pity, for the engineers
it can be counted as
justified compensation paid by the Japanese companies.

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Things that were invented by them were claimed by the company as if it
should be.
Of course,
it’s not to say that it can’t be done like that.
Just that, to those guys,
it’s rare to receive large bonuses,
and no matter how great their invention is,
there’s no bonus in any form at all,
instead there’s the overwhelming perception that『it’s only natural to do

Of course if they apply such treatment
many of the good engineers will start moving to other countries.

That’s the status quo that creates such a flow.

Japan’s products,
and Japan’s culture,
is completely overshadowed overseas.

the brand image of Japan
is being used freely overseas by many.
With regards to something like this,
we have to seriously think about it to protect our country’s assets.

Well, although it might already be too late…

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Just for this bit of Japan’s goodness
if only we could convey this true meaning overseas…

I think the number of returning visitors to Japan will definitely

I see…
I like Japan huh… as expected.
I have to deliver
this fundamental goodness of Samurai JAPAN overseas…
I wonder if it’s a silly thing to keep thinking about…

My name is GACKT.
My motto is 『Mr. SAMURAI』

and the goodness of Japan,
has to be recognised better by the Japanese staying in this country
and unless they have price in that
this country will rapidly fall to pieces.



My voice can be heard
on GACKT Blomaga so,
those who want to read it all, check out the Blomaga

※This article is an excerpt from the
“GACKT’s Trashy Stories” corner in the Blomaga.

【Delivered thrice a month】

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team