“Kaze ga hikaru〜〜〜 kigiー woー yura〜 shite〜〜〜・・・♪♫“ (Stay the Ride Alive)


Oh its you, why are you calling at this time of the day?

“Seems noisy but, what are you doing?”
… you ask…

I’m at the beach, the beach.
I’m in Kamakura, with friends.


“You do things like going to the beach?”
… you ask…

If it’s Japan,
normally I don’t ever go though.
This time, I said I wanted to gather all my friends
so I borrowed a beach house.

“When you say beach house,
you can borrow that?
… you ask…

One of my friends have a beach house.
This time everyone borrowed
that friend’s house to use.

Blomaga_03Ago15-02 Blomaga_03Ago15-03

“Anyway, what do you do when you go to a beach house?”
… you ask……

Why d’you ask?
shouldn’t you ask what do we have to do?
Can’t we simply
watch the sea and relax?

Blomaga_03Ago15-04 Blomaga_03Ago15-05

Of course,
we prepared a bunch of other things too.
We prepared equipment for play.
basically isn’t the way to enjoy the beach
to just while time away in a daze?


Simply just,
listening to the waves with nothing but the same scenery,
though for me I think that
just being able to watch the waves is an asset.

Everyone making a ruckus together, everyone sitting in a daze together
falling next to the sea while listening to the waves,
drinking alcohol.

I think that’s good enough for me.


“So, when you say playing at the beach, it means to do nothing?”
… you say…

Hey look…
I’m at pro at playing.
I’m well versed in all forms of play.
Even down to jet skis and hover boards.


Blomaga_03Ago15-09 Blomaga_03Ago15-10

“What’s a hover board??”
… you ask…

Don’t you know?
Well, that’s not entirely impossible I guess.
Since it’s a new sport that just started last year.


Blomaga_03Ago15-12 Blomaga_03Ago15-13

Hover boards is something where
you use a hose to create a water jet which powers it
and while going over the water’s surface using the jet,
you can even suspend yourself mid-air
like you’re riding a wave mid-air.

“Isn’t that similar to snowboarding?”
… you ask…

It’s not similar to snowboards…
It’s a little different.
Hover boarding is a sport where you have to lean backwards quite a bit so,
it’s similar to riding a wakeboard but
its a sport where you lean further back
and make turns mid-air as well.



That’s why,
it can’t be said that just because you can ride a wakeboard
you can ride a hoverboard.
This time around,
Narita Domu and Grim came along but,
it was quite a struggle.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team