Sale of goods for [90th Kenshin Fest] (22/23 Aug) where “GACKT Kenshin” will be appearing!

Get the cool goods with the image and visual of “GACKT Kenshin”, and motifs of the「dragon」, and join the「90th Kenshin Festival」!
If you place your orders by 9 August, we will be able to deliver them by 21 August. Don’t miss this chance!

※「GACKT Kenshin」will make his appearance on 23 August (Sun)

1st order period: July 25 (Sat)10AM~9 August (Sun)
≪Handphone(Flip phone)≫

※Goods will subsequently be shipped from 14 August.

■Via nationwide’s Lawson/Mini-Stop’s「Loppi」
1st order period:25 July (Sat) 10AM ~ 9 Aug (Sun) 23:30

At the TOP page of Loppi in Lawson/Mini-Stop press the button [各種番号をお持ち方] , and enter the number code of the goods you want, after completing this, please make payment for your goods at the cashier within the store.
Goods will be delivered to the shopfront.
Codes for the specific goods are here
≪Handphone(Flip phone)≫



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team