《GACKT × VARTIX × SHELLAC Reservation for July starting!》
The following 5 products will be open for reservation.
① High Neck Leather Jacket
② Low Crotch Pants
③ S/S V-Neck Tee
④ S/S U-Neck Tee
⑤ Drape Cardigan
※ ③〜⑤ are the same as the May reservation products, and will be delivered on a different date to the others.
Reservations close: 6:00 PM JST 27th July
Any purchase of GACKT × VARTIX × SHELLAC products totaling over 30,000 yen (Including tax) will also be entitled to a novelty T-shirt present!
One shirt per person.
For more details, see the GACKT STORE.

Source: GACKT Official Facebook