GACKT Blomaga 100th Publication commemorative Programme! You’ll have the chance to participate live via smartphone too♪

On the Nico Nico channel 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」
GACKT editor of the blomaga meets his 100th publication,
and to celebrate this event, on 2015/7/1 has been decided to have a special live programme.

On the show, we will look back at what happened in GACKT blomaga that started in 2012 till now
and maybe, since it’s this special occasion, you’ll be able to hear stories that can be heard only here?!
Furthermore, for this special commemoration, you’ll be able to enjoy other stage members rushing here for this occasion.

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Greetings . Blomaga 100th publication commemoration 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!! LIVE!!!!」
July the 1st from 19:00
Number of reservations> 1,283

Also, while the program is on 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」 channel broadcast will change completely.
Since it will be for premium members only, who wished to enjoy the show till the end, please don’t miss this chance to join 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」 channel.

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[For premium members only] Greetings – 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!! LIVE!!!!」
July the 1st from 21:30
Number of reservations> 1101

■And to resolve your curiosity about performers that will be with GACKT?!

Furthermore on this live broadcast,
as a live version of the usual [GACKT’s AnAann♡] corner,
the stage members you are so curious about will hold a special session to answer questions live.

※Your curiosities have to be limited to adult questions appropriate to the evening time!
To submit your curiosities you can contact as on the day of the broadcast through a Skype ID with a clear writing please,
using the appropriate form!!

People who wish to contribute through PC here

People who wish to contribute through Phone here

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team