We invited GACKT, Mitomi Tokoto and DJ WADAKEN to talk about the “GACKTracks – Ultra Dj Remix”


Rock and dance music, it seems that there’s no wall dividing them, but there is. But,the moment to demolish it completely is arrived. The most famous musicians in Japan who are successful overseas too, managed to break down that wall and truth most beautiful GACKT’s songs, putting them into his new cd “GACKTracks – ULTRA DJ REMIX” that will be released on July 14th!

14 of the most important Japanese artists have been invited to join this project, like for example Taku Takahashi or DJ KOO from TRF, which are remixing the most famous GACKT songs in EDM. Despite the songs have lost their original essence, they have a new appealing sound and they could be appropriate to the dance floor with no doubts. Today, we invited Mitomi Tokoto e VJ-WADAKEN, who were involved in the new album recording, to speak about de charm of “GACKTracks – ULTRA DJ REMIX”, the news atmosphere created by their union and feeling that the new music is generating.

-GACKT, did you have already a passion for dance music?

GACKT: If I had to decide between doing it or not, I wouldn’t. This is because it’s not a genre followed by my nature.
But if I had to decide between using it or not, I would use it for sure now. Since I also like to go to the Clubs, I have always the desire to listen to it. , I have to say I’m respecting it a lot. I have to say it’s a special musical culture. Since a lot of time, me and the inhabitants of this earth, were wondering what feeling could make it so attractive. I never did dance music, however, I always had the feeling that’s something not so close to me. After all, musicians don’t like going to the clubs very much, and when they do they don’t enjoy it so much, eh? Anyway I go there very often.

– so you’re saying that you’re close to the dance music?

GACKT: I don’t know how much I can say I’m close to the dance music, but I don’t think it’s garbage.

– VJ WADAKEN, Tokoto, what kind of idea do you have about GACKT?

This is the first time in my career I’m going to do a video production work but, despite I have no experience with rock musicians, I can easily say that I had a good impression of GACKT.

Mitomi Tokoto: In fact, I met GACKT four years ago in a club. And now I’m coming here to DJing.


-And what did you think when you heard the remix?

Mitomi Tokoto: I’m not very close to the rock genre…before being able to give an answer I studied very much this genre. I also saw all GACKT’s videos. Studying, I understood GACKT is a person with his own world.

-Did you understand that during the Project?

Mitomi Tokoto: I had that sensation about GACKT’s world while gradually I was approaching his melodies, it’s striking. And the fact that it’s his, got me very satisfied (ahah). Currently, I’m also working on the David Guetta’s remix from Paris, I think to be able to finish it soon too.

-You’re too fast!

Mitomi Tokoto: It just happened! Since it came up on my mind just after the new production’s main body, I completed it in about 10 days.
After that, I used it when I was DJing at Ageha. When the remix was ready, since I was ready for others DJs too, I play them right away in the clubs. I’ll play them at Ageha and at Club Camelot of Shibuya, I have to be necessarily fast!


Maybe, if a NG came up in the Project, sorry everyone, but it would have been suspended. Was long as the project wasn’t completed, I had a cold feeling. But when it was finished n I heard the final result, I was really surprised.

-What surprised you the most?

GACKT: I was surprised in different parts, by their way to change the chord progression, and their approach to the tracks. Also, I was also surprised by their nature and their way to use the words. I have to say that I still have a lot of respect for DJs for the many ideas they gave to me. Among us they are a lot of people set out with the selling, and I must say the people not caring about this point are very few. This is absolutely wrong. I still think that, more than standing up in front of the people, is necessary to challenge ourselves. Even the DJs who participated with me, have experienced the same desire to create a new genre of music more than making money. I’d want to make the other musicians notice this kind of maturity, in order to give them an incentive. I think that the words: “Hold on!” doesn’t exist in this world. Even if you are able to stand up after a moment of ups and downs, it doesn’t mean that , trying to hold on, you can go on like this forever. If you think you can, you’ll end up falling down. I’d want make today’s rock musicians know all this.

-VJ WADAKEN, you care about the remix music videos, but how was dealing with this project’s production?

VJ WADAKEN: Even before, I saw on MTV, Space Shower or similar channels, GACKT’s videos, and while watching them I was learning the songs too. So, I started to think about how to prepare the videos and how to make the songs become. But the they were replaced. Everyone had different opinions, becoming two parts, the ones who were preferring the songs and the others that were trying to give a message. Fortunately, at the end of the project, my initial plan was completely overturned.

GACKT: The video was magnificent too. I’m pretty particular on this point, they are times in which a music video takes me completely, times in which it doesn’t. it’s very important that the project will turn out well, if it doesn’t it would risk to leave everyone with a bad taste in his mouth every time we are watching it. But this time, if I should have a feeling of sadness watching the videos, I would use it anyway. Whatever happens, I’m happy. This time the word “happiness” I think it’s the most suitable.

VJ WADAKEN, in your opinion, what was your impression on the album?

VJ WADAKEN: I think it’s full of various things. In the DVD what will be recorder, you can see the different expressions of GACKT, and you’ll be able to have a laugh. Rebuilding the music video that showed a new vision of the GACKT’s world was not the original intention. In fact, for a two seconds scene, we made changes that were lasting more than 30 hours, and I don’t know if we changed it correctly either (ahahah).
But, since it shouldn’t be removed from this vision of the world, once I showed it to GACKT and he told me he liked it, I felt very relieved.
I would be really happy if our fans, seeing the original video of GACKT and my new job, they will see the differences and appreciate the changes.


-Tokoto, when you approach a new remix work, what are your feelings?

Mitomi Tokoto: Normally, for a remix work, whatever it is, I’m not too 100% taken. Since there are other jobs, I can’t afford to do it cause they have to be ready as soon as possible. This time I thought I really could do it. GACKT is able to do things that nobody else are able to. So I felt the 90’s good feelings full of changes. I held firmly in mind the image of GACKT and the 90’s to approach this work.

-Talking about the remix, about Japanese language, you often hear that is tough to make the metric etc…

Mitomi Tokoto: I’m not an expert in Japanese language but all I do is listening to the music in Japanese language. For this reason, I don’t understand the meaning of the texts very well. This timem in the song called “OASIS” I just understood the title, studying the music video, I think that there are different ways to sing, and you can notice that too. Therefore, it’s a very serious and dramatic video. The remix has adapted on this atmosphere.

-I understood what do you mean with dramatic.

Mitomi Tokoto: Also because it was used for the blog, and through the BGN plug in in the movie. It looks like the Opening of Hollywood (hahaha) I don’t know what the listeners will feel, but I tried to recreate this atmosphere. So, I will try to recreate this atmosphere in the arena of Ageha.

– GACKT your personality is dramatic. Do you think this description fits you?

GACKT: For me, to be dramatic is dangerous. Because I love only for the pleasure (ahahah) This is a private story, since I just had only one brand advertising (Panther), I managed to call call even more DJs. And they have joined this opportunity more than expected. Since I have told all DJ “I won’t give you any order” from their point of view I may not have seemed so friendly. However, Since I was able to work side by side with them, I managed to turni it into a game. After this experience, they told me they had a lot of fun, and after hearing those words, I felt respect towards them again.

-Now that you approached the music video, do you think of making others alone?

GACKT: I had a lot of ideas so far but, since I wanna make music alone, I want to focus on my projects only. I would try different approaches with a different band. But as time change, I have to say that I’ll start to think about it. I went on refusing offers so far, because I thought I wasn’t taken. In this project, since we are committed all together, I have to say that if I’ll have another situation like this in my private life, I’ll do it again for sure.
So far I went in the clubs, I went to have fun where everyone was to listen to their voices.


-On July there will be a release Party for the new cd, what do you expect from this?

GACKT: I’ve always thought that release parties are something that allows you to feel free and like a customer.

-Do you will have fun?

GACKT: I’d want to have fun for real, it would be really nice (ahahah) Between concerts and clubs if I had to choose where to go, I would say the blurbs. The reason is that if I already make pop and rock music and I go to listen to it, it doesn’t amuse me. There’s not enthusiasm in it. Even if I listen to it, it doesn’t give me anything. If in the club there’s a good DJ, I can be free for real. I like that sensation. For this reason I prefer to go in the clubs. If in this Party there will be this atmosphere, I would be very happy!

Writer:Tadayuki Sugiyama
Hair & Make-up(GACKT):たなべこうた

Source: iflyer.tv

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team