Program info:

「Geinoujin Kai Money Derby Ichii to Biri」
While getting a glimpse into your favourite artistes’ lifestyle,
they race against each other in a “theme”!
Find out who’s in first and last place!

Broadcast on 3 July (Fri) at 11:15 p.m.! ※Time may vary with region

Which celebrity can use the most money in 3 days!?

Participating in the race, are 5 celebrities who live spectecular lives

GACKT GENKING Sugimura Taizo Yashiro Aki Yamato Yuga

Luxury continental cars, fine wines… living a celebrity’s lifestyle, musician GACKT

Super popular on SNS amongst the youths, sparing no expense for beauty, GENKING

Former politician, earning a windfall no less than a billion yen on stocks, Sugimura Taizo

Active as a famous Enka singer and an artist, shopaholic Yashiro Aki

Former top star from Takarazuka Revue, lover of branded goods, Yamato Yuga






We get up close with these 5 people who seem to spend well!
As we watch how much they spend in total over 3 days, we find out who’s in first and last place!

Source: TV-Asahii

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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