“Itsu~ kara ka~ to~ oh~~~ ku~~~~~~”

Yes, hello~~~

Oh~~, it’s been awhile.
What’s up?

Somehow, your timing is amazing.
Your contacting me.

“If you’re in Kobe call me!?”
… you say…

You knew?
That I’m in Kobe.
How do you get your information?

“It’s on the news everywhere!”
… you say…

I see… Is that so…
Sorry sorry.
It’s not that I’m try to avoid you or anything…
It’s been busy.
These two days.

“So, now where are you?”
… you ask…

I just arrived at Shin Kobe station.
I’m going back to Tokyo.
Once I get back I have work to do.



“When can I see you??”
… you ask…

Well, I wonder when we can meet…

Hey, hey, don’t get so angry.
This time I’m really busy.
Next time, when I come back to Japan again
I’ll come meet you.



“It’s been awhile since you went to Kobe, how was it??”
… you ask…………

Has Kobe always been such a dark (lighting) city?

Kind of…
it’s changed a lot from the Kobe I knew
so I was honestly surprised.

On the day I arrived it was pretty cold,
and I had some time so
I thought to go buy a jacket.
I walked through the city a little.

Of course,
it was during the time in the evening when shops were still empty.
Furthermore it was a Friday night.


Although the city is beautiful,
there isn’t anyone out…

Only my merrymaking staff were around…
It was to the point that I wondered if it was the middle of the night.

Since when did people stop coming out to this extent?
No one’s out walking,
No one’s shopping either.



At this rate,
the shops won’t survive right?

“Recently it’s always been like that!”
… you say…

Alright look,
this is a really dire situation.
If no one is out and about
the economy won’t get it’s turnaround right?

Such a state is going on all over Japan.
Not only Kobe.


If there were shops but no customers,
can you imagine what the result will be?

The current Japan will definitely not be able to turn the economy around.
Do you know why?

“Because it’s a recession?”
… you say…

To put it in a nasty way…
You see, I don’t really have to ask you but, do you know what a recession means?

“The economy is bad?”
… you say…

why is it the economy is bad and can’t get better?
Tell me in a specific and easily understandable way.

“U–m, I don’t really know…”
… you say…

Alright look…
if you don’t understand that,
the word [recession] doesn’t hold any meaning right?
Like this, it won’t do.


A recession,
simply put,
is when “the money in the world is not moving”.

In other words,
because no one is using their money, things can’t be sold→
because things can’t be sold, businesses’ sales fall→
when sales fall,
the salaries of employees fall→
so, when your salary falls you’ll try to use less money
and you cut down on spending.

In other words, you’ll end up not using money…

You can easily imagine
what will happen if this vicious cycle continues right?


If you don’t use money, there’s no point to it.
It’s not just for saving.
If you don’t use it, the economy won’t recover.
It’s not a problem regarding individuals.
This is everyone’s problem.

“Isn’t it fine if just the rich use their money!”
… you say…

is the question about who has the money?
In the current Japan, who’s rich then?

“Politicians and celebrities…”
… you say…

Hey you,
is that a sign that you’ve read too much of those trashy magazines?
What’s with that? Such an answer.


Is that alright?
Do you know how much the Japanese have as personal assets?
It’s 1,600 trillion.
From that,
if you remove mortgages
and other kinds of debt
you have 1,300 trillion of free assets.

Most of that is held by
seniors who are 60 years and above,
and as they age year after year
they go out less and less and they money end up not getting used.



In other words,
it’s not an exaggeration to say
that Japan itself
is becoming like their aging old folks.

You get it?

in Japan, at present,
if you’re looking at how much accounts for the savings ratio,
what’s worrying is
above 90% of the net savings base is owned by
seniors aged 60 and above.



“If that’s the case then isn’t it fine if the elderly just use their money!”
… you say…

Alright look,
the retirees will go into a position where they’re at risk
do you think they can use their money?
How would they save then??

The younger people can do so if they work.
By working, they can earn income.
That’s why,
even if you take up risk, it’s good to invest,
you have to earn more money with a more aggressive attitude,
and you have to use it well.


The current situation in today’s Japan is that
the age group that does not have to take risks is hoarding money,
while the age group that has to move and take risks has no money.

This, for a country,
is a really frightful problem.

Recently, can’t you feel it?
The city is rapidly becoming gloomier.
There’s no life right?

Young people coming out
is very important to aid in economic recovery,
you get that right?



What I often say is
“Use your money, otherwise there’s no point!”
but I’m not saying
that you should use it wastefully.
I mean in ways that help the economy get better.

Do you get what I’m saying?

“What you’re saying is too difficult for me to understand so
say it again right from the start…
… you say…

Alright, look!
In other words…


Ah, I have to get on the train so we’ll talk next time.
Think about it properly.
If it continues like this, Japan will really be in trouble.

You can change Japan with your mindset.
You get it?

Well, its’ fine…
However it happens it’s fine so,
give it a thought.

See ya.



Source: OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team